Saturday, October 30, 2021

Let There Be Light! ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! 

I am so happy tonight because we have Electricity!! For the last two days we have been living by candlelight because of a bad storm that went through our area.  The winds were so powerful that I felt like our house was going to fly away like Dorothy being transported to OZ!!  So many trees down (one nearly hitting our house but thank goodness it didn't!). The storm left my entire town without power.  Some still don't have it back. Thankfully last night ours came back!  Lights, heat, wifi.... you don't realize how much you take these things for granted until they are gone!  

Life is really boring with no TV.  At least for me : ) 


Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled life.  Before all the chaos I was enjoying a cozy fall week. 

Hallmark started it's countdown to Christmas movie marathon and I am here for it!  I love every single one.  Corny, predictable, sicky sweet....yes, yes, and yes! (much to the horror of my family! lol) 

I'll be watching until Christmas and I'm not even sorry 

This week's soup was homemade tomato with grilled cheese sandwiches of course.  This was our last hot meal before it went dark.  It was perfect on a stormy night.  

The newest addition to the bedroom is my new nightlight.  I added twinkle lights to an Eiffel Tower bottle that I picked up at a thrift store.  

It makes nighttime tea even more enjoyable.

**this helped so much during the power outage because those lights are battery operated** 

Chicken pot pie is one of our favorite comfort meals.  

I love the process of making it almost as much as I do eating it. 


A new project I started is putting all my recipes on cute recipe cards.  

Aren't these darling? 

It's hard to believe this weekend is Halloween!  

We are expecting more rain on Saturday but so far (fingers crossed) Sunday looks cool and clear!  We'll carve our pumpkin tomorrow and I'll roast the seeds. 

I look forward to that every year. 

John has plans to go to a friends house on Halloween so tomorrow we have to find him a costume, because everybody knows No costume, No candy!  

I'm going to go enjoy my heat and electricity, make a hot cup of tea, and pray for those who are still without power.  It's no fun.

Have a happy Halloween weekend friends!  I hope you don't get too scared!  



  1. Oh my goodness! Thank Heavens your power is back!!!!!! Have a wonderful Halloween, my beautiful friend! I'll text you soon!

  2. So glad your power is back on! It is fun to be Laura Ingalls Wilder…..for about an hour 😁 Then it gets old quick. I love vintage things, but I also love modern electricity haha. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is the classic comfort meal- I must make it soon. You and my mom……my Hallmark Christmas movie queens! My mom isn’t even sorry either!

  3. Hi! So glad your power is back! Where did you find those recipe cards????!!? Sooooo cute! I’ve been doing the same!! Trying to get! Blessings!!!

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