Monday, March 21, 2022

It's Spring! YAY ♥

Good Morning Friends! Happy Monday!  

I'm starting my day off today from Starbucks.  After weeks of seeing ads for it, I finally tried the Irish Cream Cold Brew and let me tell you, it's delish! I also treated myself to a blueberry scone, because it is Monday after all and we need to start this week of right. 
Sometimes you have to have a coffee date with yourself : ) 

  I'm happy to say that its officially SPRING so bring on the all the chocolate eggs and pastel colors!  Yesterday I put up some of my spring and Easter decorations and it's really lifted my mood.   It's still a bit cold out but the sun is shinning and in the house we are feeling springy...

Here's a little peek of my Easter village and egg trees.  

They make me so happy 

It's jelly bean season : ) 

It's also Cadbury mini egg season but I'm holding off putting those out so soon.  I'll just eat them all so I have to pace myself.  

Good thing they are only available once a year! 


I personally am never a fan of change, but the transition from Winter to Spring is one that I truly welcome.  

The moment you feel that change in the air and you know what's coming...that's a good day. 

Tonight I'm planning French Onion pork chops for dinner and after homework we'll settle in for tea and a cozy evening of TV.  Mondays are always exhausting and we look forward to our couch time together : ) 

Well, I'm off to get some work done before the day gets away from me.  I hope your week is off to a good start and the sun is shining on you today! 

Have a great Monday Friends! ♥


If you are interested, here is the recipe for these pork chops.  They are really good! 

Byeeee! xoox


In case you were curious after reading my post on Friday...

1. I'm feeling much better! I cleaned and disinfected the whole house over the weekend! It was a beautiful day on Sunday so I was able open the windows and let some fresh air wander in.  BLISS 

2. I watched the third Godfather movie so now I can say I've officially seen the trilogy!  I enjoyed them all and will probably make it an annual tradition to rewatch them.  I'm no longer an outcast in my Italian family and now will be able to understand all the inside jokes! LOL

3. The Midnight Library is fantastic and I highly recommend it.  It's a wonderful story that really makes you think about regret, life choices, and possibilities. I absolutely loved it ♥


  1. Cadbury Eggs....mmmm... the BEST part of the year

  2. Love your spring touches! And the pork chops look delicious! Glad you are on the mend and is there anything better than opening the windows to let in fresh air???

  3. Spring brings so much joy! I may have to have a scone too.