Wednesday, May 15, 2024

I miss old style blogging...♥

 Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday!  This week is going by very quickly.  I can't believe it's mid week already.  All is good with me as we are getting closer to Friday every minute.  I live for the weekends!

I am looking forward to this weekend because I am seeing my friend Julie on Saturday and we haven't seen each other in several weeks.  It's always lovely to get together and catch up.  On Sunday my cousin and his wife are stopping by for coffee (and something sweet : ). They are a fun couple and we love when they visit.

Anyway, I just got home from work and I made myself a cup of tea. We are having pasta for dinner tonight but I have a little time to rest before I start cooking so I decided to hop on the computer and catch up on some blogs.  I was thinking today about old school blogging.  When I first started my blog in 2012 I followed so many blogs.  It was new and exciting and I met some of the nicest people that I'm still friends with to this day.  Back in the day blogs were real life.  They were relaxed.  Pictures were not curated and no one was trying to build a brand or sell you a product.  We were just a bunch of like minded people sharing our lives.  I guess in some cases that's still true but those blogs are few and far between.  I'm grateful for the ones that are still around because I feel like blogging is becoming a lost art.  I want to go back to the old style, blogging in real time and capturing little everyday moments.  The same goes for Instagram.  Let's bring back capturing real life moments.  A flower, a sunset, a cup of coffee, the view off your back porch.  I don't need to see a full on edited photoshoot or a video of a kitchen that clearly has never been cooked in, but I'd love to see your breakfast or what book you just finished.  If you are reading this then I know you KNOW what I mean.  I have nostalgia for those old blogs and sometimes I wonder what happened to those people.  They just left and never returned.  There is one girl that I can think of....I loved her blog. She stopped blogging in 2017 and I still click on her site every now and then to see if she's updated it. (does anyone know Dawn from May All Seasons Be Sweet to Thee?).  Some of my blogging friends made the switch to just Instagram and although I miss their blogs I'm happy to still be able to see their lives and keep in touch.  I understand blogging isn't for everyone, but this was just something that was on my mind today.  

Here's an unedited picture of my kitchen early in the morning when the sun was coming up.  I don't even think I had had coffee yet so that's why the quality is so bad. But that's real life, friends.  I'm going to try and post more moments like this from now on 

Hope you are all having a great week!  Love you and stay cozy!!! xo 


  1. I miss them too! So many bloggers I enjoyed over the years just disappeared without explanation. I enjoy Instagram and YouTube but it is not the same connection.

  2. I totally agree! I started my blog way back in 2012 and so many of the blogs I once read and enjoyed have disappeared. I miss the "old" blogging days! I love seeing pictures of someone's kitchen or a what they ate for breakfast or dinner, a simple vase of flowers... I could go on and on. Simple real life moments is what it's all about for me. I say we try to bring it back! Hopefully, others reading here will feel the same way and join in, too! Oh, and I love your idea of doing Youtube cooking videos as you mentioned in a previous post. You should totally do it!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I miss it too! I got into the blogging game late ...and it was already changing a little then (2014-15). There were so many I loved too that went away. Some are still on insta but it's not the same. Couldn't agree more. All about influencing now. sigh Thanks for hanging around Friend. I plan to stick around as long as I'm able. :) Please know I always love what you share here. Blessings. xoxo

  4. I miss those too! I may be dating myself here, but I used to have one when they were called online journals lol!!