Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Bunch of Randomness ♥

Hello Friends! 
Thank you for the nice comments on my last post about old style blogging.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one missing it. Let's get on a mission to bring it back. 

Is "randomness" even a word??  My computer didn't highlight it in red to autocorrect, so I guess it is! 
I was going through my camera roll and my photos taken over the past week are so random I just had to share.  My Dad always makes comments when he sees me taking pictures of seemingly nothing and says "oh am I gonna see this on Facebook??"  No Dad I say..."of course not".  What he doesn't know is the blog is a different story.  

We are all kindred spirits here and I love you that 

What do you think about the new addition to my bedroom?  It's an old plant stand that was folded up and buried on our back porch.  I dusted it off and fell in love it with it.  I just got rid of an old glider chair in this corner and had a big empty space waiting to be filled. I decorated it with a plant I got for mother's day, my favorite picture of my parents, some books, a candle, and a basket with a hand knit blanket one of the nurses gave my mom in the hospital.  It's purple, her favorite color.  I think it looks nice.  I will probably change the décor around a hundred times and I'm excited about that.  Of course my mind went right to Christmas because you can best bet there will be lights and a little tree on the top shelf.  Can't wait for that! 


I treated myself to some new lip products this week too.  You all know I'm a makeup junkie and nothing makes me happier than new makeup.  This was a little set I picked up at CVS. It wasn't expensive (which also makes me happy- I love a bargain!) and the color is very pretty.  Perfect for going into the warmer weather.  The candle I got for Christmas from my sister and I just moved it into the bathroom.  

It smells like the beach 

A rainy day, newspaper, and cup of coffee.  Yes please. 

 I could sit here forever 

I had leftover scones from the strawberry shortcake I made mother's day weekend so I froze them.  I had forgotten all about them until one morning it hit me.  The scones! I defrosted two.  Strawberry Jam on one, lemon curd on the other.  I was so happy that day :) 

More bunnies!!  This spring our neighborhood is loaded with them.  We seem them every night.  I'm a little obsessed!  I took a picture of this one and my phone accidently make it look like a watercolor painting.  

I kind of want to frame it  

I snapped a picture of this tree on my walk last night.  I've walked past this tree probably a million times and never noticed it has wisteria growing on it!! I looked up to see a bird and I was so surprised to see all the purple flowers!  You can't tell from this picture, but this is pretty high up.  

It's so lovely! 

Ok, so after a month a half I finished my puzzle!  Yay! I didn't work on it consistently.  I enjoyed picking at it here and there, so that's why it took me so long.  It started out as a family project but one by one my family abandoned me.  I was determined to finish it and I did.  I borrowed it from the library so it was a gamble that all the pieces would be there. I'm happy to say my faith in humanity has been restored because all 1000 pieces were in the box. Whew!  It took about 30 seconds to break it up and back to the library it went and on to the next person.  On Saturday I checked out a new one and I'm looking forward to starting it this weekend.  

On Sunday my cousin and his family came by for a visit.  I make this yummy blueberry gallate.  I've posted the recipe before but I'll link it again in case you need a quick dessert.  It's so delicious and looks fancy but it isn't.  You can use any frozen fruit and a frozen puff pastry sheet.  

I also have a video on my YouTube channel from a few years ago of me making this if you want to check it out.  My hair was very short : ) 

I added powdered sugar and a big dollop of whip cream in the middle.  
Cut it like a pizza and enjoy.  


This morning after a doctor's appointment my Dad stopped at a bakery and picked up blueberry muffins for us.  Oh how I wish I could start every morning with a freshly baked blueberry muffin.  The best.  
My Dad has a sweet tooth like I do.  We share a love of baked goods and all desserts to be honest with you 

I came running when I saw the bakery box : ) 

I'll leave you today with this meme I got from Pinterest.  So true, right?!  I'm adamant I'm not anti-social, but I will admit to being selectively social!  Yes, there is a difference!
Can you relate? 

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  It got suddenly hot here (It's 85 today!).  Tomorrow night John has his spring band show performance, which is always a sign that the end of the school year is coming.  And I just realized this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  Summer is just around the corner! xo 


  1. We have twice as many rabbits this year also. They've been running around chasing each other for weeks. So cute. Blueberry muffins are the best aren't they? I also am selectively social. I do cherish my home time and alone time. Enjoy your day!!

  2. I love the random photos! And I noticed that you have the same bowl with the cherries! It's one of my favorites and has appeared on the blog several times. And yes, I am selectively social, as well. Also, I gave you a shout out in my last post :)

    1. I have noticed the bowl on your blog too! Did you get yours at Home Goods??
      Thank you for the shout out! Heading over to your blog now : )

  3. Hi! I love your plant stand! It looks great in your bedroom. I'm so glad you treated yourself to some new lipstick. I don't wear lipstick often enough, but I feel so much better and more put together when I do. Those scones look delicious along with the blueberry gallate. I'm making a Victoria Sponge cake to take to a friends house for afternoon tea today. I've only made one once before and I don't even remember which recipe I used, so I'm trying a new recipe today. Hope it turns out well. I'm going to top it with raspberry jam and whipped cream! And yes, I'm very selectively social, as well. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!