Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hi Everyone!  Are you SO happy it's Friday?!  I am!  It's been a long week and I didn't do nearly as much as I promised myself I would.  Something kept getting in my way....hmmmm.....what could it be????

Let me explain:

In case you were ever curious here's a quick glimpse into a typical evening at my house....


Yup.  That pretty much sums it up. 

This is the reason I can never get anything done... 

But more importantly, this is the reason Life is so Sweet! : )

Love this boy! xoxo

Happy Friday!


  1. What a little cutie!! xo

  2. Awh he's adorable! Happy Friday, sweetie :) xoxo

  3. How fun! They are so full of life - but yes, they do make it hard to get much done. My hubby used to come home and say, "What have you done all day!" Just tried to keep them alive dear!

  4. He is gorgeous! He has lovely eyes, a beautiful smile, is full of fun. What more does one want from life?

    Children are the greatest gift... enjoy him!



  5. What a precious bundle! I would say your hands are full. Cherish these days, one day not too far away you will wonder where they went! He's got a winning smile!! have a beautiful weekend. xo marlis

  6. OH MY goodness! What a cute little boy!! You are so lucky...who could not love those beautiful, big brown eyes! Enjoy....they grow up way too fast! My little guy can almost look me in the eye...and he's only 11! Angie xo

  7. And you couldn't imagine it any other way! :)

    I have a praise in that our home has officially sold. I now have just 32 to days to find a home, pack and move. A little pressure? :) We put a bid on a home yesterday that will give "The Money Pit" a run for it's money.
    I wanted to let you know that I so appreciate your kind comment if I am absent the next few weeks from your blog please know I will return soon.

    For whomever you nurture, have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.