Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Heartfelt Home Cafe: why I love Julia Child ♥

Hello and welcome back to the cafe!  Firstly I would like to thank all my twitter, instagram, and blog friends for all of your kind words and feedback .  Creating this space for us has been a thrill for me and knowing that you love the idea too, makes it all the more exciting! It seems I'm not the only one who loves cafes and dreams of a perfect place to gather, talk, laugh, and drink coffee (& tea! : )  I have appreciated all of your ideas and will be taking them to heart in the coming weeks and months. My friend Rosinda suggested that we travel to a new city each time we visit the café and I love that idea.  We can combine our love for cafés with our endless Wanderlust! Thanks Rosinda

I've found so many lovely things for our cafe on Pinterest (my newest obsession!).  Every time I post something from Pinterest I will link back to the website or blog it came from through the "via" link I will put under the photo.  
You will find a wealth of inspiration, recipes, ideas, and new blogs.  

For example...

Wouldn't these tea bag shaped shortbread cookies (dipped in chocolate) be darling in our cafe?!  Can you imagine a tray of these with our tea next Monday when we get together to discuss Downtown Abbey? I think they are a must! I love this idea! ♥♥♥

Luckily for us we are located right next door to a florist (how convenient : ).  I picked up some beautiful flowers to decorate the tables today. How could I resist these lovelies?  One bunch for every table.  You can take yours home if you want to?  ♥

On the menu today we have warm almond croissants dusted lightly with powdered sugar.  


And since Fall is in the air, how about a cinnamon apple chai tea? Doesn't that sound heavenly? It's a hug in a cup.... 

Or how about these delectable pumpkin apple spice donuts?  I mean, could you them all?!  I could! And don't forget, calories don't exist here! Another reason why I love this place ♥

Ooh, I think I just heard the postman.  Excuse me for just one moment while I step outside and check the mail...... 

Here it is! There's something for you!  Enjoy your snail mail! We don't get enough of it these days, don't you agree?  

So now that you have your mail and your cuppa  pull up a chair. Your seat is waiting for you....♥

Are you comfy? Great! Let's talk.  How are you? In real life my days have been busy. It took no time at all to fall back into the school routine - homework, packing lunches, etc. The weeks are flying by and I feel like September is going by in one big blur.  We are finally experiencing our first burst of Fall weather - cool and crisp - and I'm loving it.   I've decorated my house inside and out with mums and yesterday I made Susan Branch's Cornbread with honey bee butter! It was so good! Hubby is loving Football as much as I'm loving nesting.  Pumpkin spice and cinnamon candles are keeping the house cozy while outside it smells of burning leaves.  How I love the Fall! ♥

I am so happy because last week I finally got to read this book that I had somehow missed out on for years.  My Life in France by Julia Child.  As if it were possible for me to love Julia even more it has happened. Have you read this book?  I loved it beyond words! The way Julia described first arriving in Paris in 1948 gave me chills.  Her first French meal that changed her life and how she could not believe that people actually drank wine with lunch?!

 Julia enrolled in  Le Cordon Bleu cooking school to fulfill a passion she had for cooking.  She did not speak a word of french and was in a class of all men.  Determined to succeed (after failing her first final exam) she graduated and a star was born. 

 With the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia succeeded in changing the way Americans related to food.  She gave us the courage to try new things and taught us is OK if they don't always come out perfectly. Julia was awkward and sometimes clumsy in the kitchen, but she would never apologize.  "It's okay" she would say.  "You are alone in the kitchen".  She was real.  She was what we all wanted to be. 

 Without Julia there would be no Food Network or the celebrity chefs we know today.  Julia was a pioneer.  And her first book was not published until she was 49 years old.  In some ways, that's my favorite part.  If you are a fan of Julia or just love to read about inspirational, determined women, give this book a read.  I promise you will love it.  ♥

Thank you for joining me in the Heartfelt Home Café today.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Drop me a line and let me know what you a reading.  I'm in between books right now and looking to start something new.  It's getting darker earlier now and somehow books are more a comfort at night, with a quilt and a hot cup of tea.
Enjoy your week, my friends! Let's meet again soon! xo


  1. I'm so enjoying joining you here, my friend!
    I'm reading Divergent!!!!
    And I love it!!!!
    Enjoy the cozy fall!

  2. Good morning! Thank you so much for sharing a link to my blog here. I loved visiting with you at the cafe today. Can you believe I haven[t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? I absolutely love the teabag shaped shortbread cookies. That is something I would love to make myself one day! I actually read My Life in France, by Julia Child several years ago. I love her, too. After reading the book, I also purchased a DVD set of her televised cooking shows. I love watching her! I'll be looking forward to your post next week so we can discuss Downton! Happy Thursday sweet friend. Thanks for the coffee and almond croissants. They were delicious! xoxo

  3. I really do love your cafe'! Such beautiful images and I would love, love, love those teabag shortbread cookies! I'm so glad that calories don't count here. :)

    I just finished reading, When Autumn Leaves, per your suggestion. I really enjoyed it, so thank you. I haven't found my next book, but I'm thinking My Life in France is a strong possibility.

  4. I didn't know you liked pinterest. I have been following it for a long time.A lot of my patterns come from pintrerest. Love you mucho!