Sunday, February 7, 2016

What happened?

So there I was on Monday, a beautiful 64 degree day, enjoying the sunshine and the early signs of spring....and then all of a sudden....
This happened.  whaaaat?
We woke up Friday morning to our first big winter storm of the season.
I knew it was too good to be true.  No free passes for us this year.  : )
I'm not going to say it wasn't pretty.  Because it was.
And I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy staying in my pajamas all day, because I did ♥

I just wasn't expecting it.  Mother Nature is certainly tricky, isn't she?!

It snowed all day and when all was said and done we had about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  We were lucky that we did not lose power, as a lot of others did. 

The world suddenly turned into a winter wonderland!
As you can see some of us were quite happy to have a snow day (no school!!!!).

And while the boys were outside, I stayed in where it was warm and baked lemon buttermilk scones, which are SO YUMMY! I'll be posting the recipe soon ♥

By Saturday morning the sun was out and the roads were all clear.  We were able to get back out into the world again. 
But everything looks different.  Bright & White!

I'm hearing talk that more snow is expected this week.  John is already planning for more snow days (we'll see about that) and my Mom has advised me to stock up on "milk & bread" as she always does when a storm is predicted ♥

Sometimes I daydream about living in a place like California, where it's warm all the time.  Would I miss this?  The snow? The ice? The freezing winds? 99% of the time I think I would say NO.  I would like it to be perpetual Spring all the time. 
But on nights like tonight there is a little voice inside me that has second thoughts.... ♥
I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are! Have a happy Sunday! xo
❄ ☃ ❄
BTW - Sunday is the Superbowl but it's also Downton Abbey day in my house, so it will be a fight for the TV tonight! LOL
I'm sure I'll be huddled up in the bedroom and that's okay by me... : )


  1. I am so envious. We've had no snow this year at all. There were a few flakes a couple of times mixed in with rain, but that's no use to anyone. I'd love to wake up to a good dollop of snow.

    Enjoy Downton :O) x

  2. So beautiful!!!!!
    Those surprise storms are the best!
    Safe and cozy inside with your people. : )
    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

  3. Lindo lugar!!!! Frio!!!!

    Leia meu blog se puder. Obrigada