Monday, May 23, 2016

Chocolate dipped frozen bananas ♥

This was me this morning.  I got my first pedi of the season (picked a cute purple sparkly color) and out came all my sandals from last year. They had a heap of dust on them, but happy to find all are in great shape.  With the school year winding down (John could give you the exact number of days) I'm starting to feel the summer coming. The arrival of my toes is the first sign!
My lazy weekend was such a success (you have no idea! zzzzzz... ) that John and I never made chocolate dipped bananas.  We made a lemon cake instead which was just as good and a lovely end to the weekend. 
I did the bananas on my own this morning and surprised him after school today.  
They are nice and cool and totally reminded me of a summer treat ♥

Here's an idea for're gonna love this!
On Sunday I peeled 5 ripe bananas and put them in the freezer.  Have you ever frozen bananas?
 They are so delicious frozen!  You can blend them in a food processor and make ice cream, add them to smoothies, or dip them in chocolate which is what I did today. 
This is probably the easiest thing you will ever make ♥
Take two frozen bananas and cut them into bite sized chunks.
Take one cup of chocolate chips and two tablespoons of vegetable oil and melt in the microwave. 
I melted mine on defrost in 30 second intervals. 
Let the chocolate cool a little bit, for just a minute or two...
Now dip the banana pieces in the chocolate.  I dipped mine using  two forks. 
Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 
Put back in the freezer to set. 
 Once frozen, store in the freezer in a sealed bag or airtight container. 

When you need a little deliciousness, just pop one in your mouth.  Caution: They are addictive!
You can share these with your family, however it's perfectly acceptable to hide them in the back of the freezer.  Not that I've done that. 
You're Welcome ♥

this made me :)
Have a nice week, my friends! xo
Summer is coming! Yippee!

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  1. That is so me right there!!!!!
    And these look delicious!
    I'll pass this along to Peyton. : )
    Hope you had a great Monday, and have a super week!