Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why I love Mondays ♥

I don't know if I ever told you this before but I really like to stay home.  There are days when I would prefer above all things to be cozy in my house then to venture out into the world. Get dressed? Put on makeup? Take off my slippers and put on real shoes? Sigh.
It takes me forever to get myself together in the morning mostly because a. I'm not a morning person and b. I don't really want to go out at all. That's why I need a bucket of coffee to get me going every morning.  Please don't talk to me until I'm at least on cup 2.  
The struggle is real, ladies.
I've always been a homebody.  Even when I was little I wanted to be home with my mother all the time. I haven't really changed that much.  I work out of the house Tuesday - Friday but Monday is my day off.  It's my favorite day because I get to be home all day doing what I love best - cooking and taking care of the house.  It's my one day to pretend I'm the 1950's housewife I've always wanted to be. While the rest of the world grumbles on Monday mornings I'm ridiculously happy because I have the day (and the house) all to myself. 
If possible I try to get my food shopping done on Friday nights so I don't have to waste my precious Monday at the grocery store.  After I drop John off at school (which is usually in my pajamas) I do a food prep for the week, so once Tuesday - Friday comes I don't have to stress too much about making dinner after work.  This past Monday I made chicken Parmesan, pasta, baked pork chops, salad, and roasted veggies.  That ought to hold us for a few days. 
I wrap each meal up so all I have to do is reheat it when I get home from work ♥
 I also like to throw in some sweet treats too.  
This week I surprised John with his favorite...
After I get something in the oven and the house is starting to smell good I do my cleaning.  I vacuum the floors, scrub the bathrooms, and dust the furniture.  I don't want you think I'm super crazy about cleaning....I just do what I feel needs to be done. Some weeks it's not as much as others. 
I don't mind the work as I always have either my IPOD on or a good movie playing in the background.  This past Monday Marilyn, Lauren, and Betty kept me company!
After all that it's time for lunch.  I make myself something yummy and take a rest before it's time to pick up John.  If it's a nice day I'll go for walk or take a bike ride.  If I'm into a good book I might curl up on the couch for 30 minutes and read a few chapters.  It feels somewhat decadent reading on a Monday afternoon but I'm crazy like that. 
There is something about having my house cleaned and fridge full of food ready to eat that makes going back to work on Tuesday a little less stressful.  I enjoy homemaking - pottering about the house, lighting my candles, and picking flowers from my yard for the kitchen counter.
Because once Rob and John get home the house isn't quiet anymore.  I lose control of the TV and someone always seems to blow out my candles....grrrr. 
However, even though there is homework to be done and lunches to be made, all my prep work makes time for fun things like after dinner games....
We are heavily into Bananagrams and Headbanz (Disney edition) right now : )
And that's why I love Mondays. 
A good one will put me in good stead for the entire week!
Now if I could only find time to squeeze in a nap, life would really be good!
 Happy May my friends! xo  


  1. Love.
    We should be neighbors!!!!!
    But I sure glad we are friends. : )

  2. P. S.
    Your pork chops look divine!

  3. Well, I can certainly understand why you love Mondays! I love the whole routine you have. I am a homebody, too, and feel so blessed to be able to be a full-time homemaker and stay-at-home mom. I wake up at 5:00 Monday to Friday, though. I like to wake up with Nuno before he goes to work and enjoy our morning tea or coffee together. Unlike you, I am a morning person. Most weekends, sleeping in means waking up at 7 am. My husband is the same way, so it works for us. Heehee. Happy May and happy Mother's day to you and your dear Mom! I hope she is doing well and you both enjoy a wonderful day tomorrow! XOXO

  4. Wow, you certainly are busy on Mondays! I need to be more ambitious about weekly meal prep, it WOULD make life a bit easier!! Have a beautiful week Danielle.

  5. Thank you for sharing, it's inspirational!

    p.s. first time visitor, stumbled upon your blog while surfing the Net. ;)