Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 ♥

Another Mother's Day has come and gone and mine was so nice I couldn't wait to tell you about it!
On Saturday my Mom and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Strawberry Fair.  It was just the two of us and it was delightful!
We don't get the chance to do it as often as we used to so it felt extra special.
We've been coming here ever since I was a little girl.  They serve strawberry ice tea in mason jars and warm bread with strawberry butter.
Need I say more?
The entire restaurant is decorated with strawberries, including this tree which they keep out all year. 

There are little knick-knacks to look through while you are waiting for your food.  Years ago my mom took painting classes upstairs from the owner.  Unfortunately they don't do the classes anymore, but overall the place hasn't changed since it opened in 1975. 
Rob takes me here on my birthday every year ♥

We had intended to go for lunch but when we got there we found out they were serving a special Mother's Day brunch for the weekend so we changed our minds.
I got the crème brule French toast and mom got the spinach quiche....we shared ♥ 
It was so good!
After lunch we did a little shopping at Home Goods!
If only I had a house big enough to keep all these things! 
Cuteness on every shelf!
My mom and I were joking we would need a storage unit to hold all our goodies! LOL
And my favorite section....the candles!  So many to pick from (and great prices too!).
We had a lot of fun browsing (and buying) that day!

Sunday morning I woke up to flowers and cards from my boys! ♥
We had a LOVELY brunch with my mother in law, father in law, and sister in law ♥
We reminisced about all old times and ate a lot of cookies and cinnamon rolls!
 (which clearly shows on my face....: )

I felt very blessed to be having such a nice day! ♥

 In the afternoon the sun came out for about 5 minutes! 
That was a treat considering it's been raining for over a week. 

After an afternoon rest we headed over to my parents house for take out dinner from our favorite seafood place.  I got the fresh fish sandwich. 
It was so good! ♥
 I had to leave room for banana cream pie! ~YUM~
After dinner John asked if we could play some games, so we all played his version of The Match Game, which is pretty hilarious!
Just as we were leaving I snapped this picture of the sun setting. 
A beautiful sight and lovely end to Mother's Day ♥


  1. The perfect Mother's Day Weekend!!!!
    I love everything about it...
    We had cinnamon rolls too...
    And your picture?
    Enjoy your Monday! : )
    And have a great week, my friend.

  2. A beautifully well-planned Mother's Day! Simply awesome! :)