Friday, July 22, 2016

My week in pictures ♥

Hello, my friends!
We've made it to another Friday! This weekend is extra special for me because it's my birthday on Sunday! I'll be celebrating with a small family dinner at my parents house on Saturday night. On Sunday we have a birthday party for another family member (who is turning 2!) and I'm happy to share my day with him. I've never been one to go crazy on my birthday, just as long as I'm with loved ones and there is a carrot cake involved I'm happy!
I noticed I had a bunch of random photos on my phone this week so I thought I would post them for you.
Here is my week in pictures...
Dream. Hope. Believe.

On Sunday John celebrated his 9th birthday with some friends at the YMCA. His actual birthday isn't until August but he asked if he could have his "friends" party a little early.  I think it's his way of making his birthday last all summer!

They had a wonderful time and I'll share more about it once his real birthday comes closer!
 Our homemade cupcakes were a hit. 
There were plenty leftover for us to treat ourselves with all week!
Lately I'm suffering from PDD - post Disney Depression! This always occurs right after a magical Disney vacation.  Little reminders around the house comfort me ♥
John and I have a movie day this week.  We saw The Secret Life of Pets.  We were a little disappointed.  It wasn't as funny as we expected and was even a bit scary in some parts (at least I thought so). 
 We made up for it by getting ice cream!
Before work selfie....
I got photo bombed!
John was assigned this book for summer reading.  He also has to complete a packet with a word search, crossword, and questions about every chapter. Times have surely changed since I was his age.
We've been reading a few chapters each night.
It's very good so far ♥
Caught up with a few "mom" friends over nachos while John was at a Harry Potter birthday party.  
When it's 99 degrees out, this is how we do summer ~
He's binge watching Good Luck Charlie on Netflix!
Such a cute show!
Getting prepared for Christmas in July on Monday with Frozen Hot Chocolate!
It's sooooo good!!!
I found this necklace at the bottom of my jewelry box.
I forgot how much I loved it.
And the sunsets........have been spectacular lately. 
 Wishing you all the sunniest of summer days and the coziest of nights!
 Happy Weekend! xo




  1. Happy almost birthday to your boy!
    And beautiful selfie!!!
    Love your snuggle time on these hot summer days! Wish we were neighbors!!!!

  2. Thank you!!! And wouldn't that be the BEST?!!! ♥♥♥