Saturday, July 2, 2016

We are back! ♥


Home safe and sound!
Our feet are tired and feel like they've walked a thousand miles, but we had a wonderful vacation! Once again, Disney didn't disappoint us. 
The magic is alive, and we felt it the moment we arrived ♥

My first and only obstacle was the flight.  I've had a fear of flying for many years (which is why I have avoided it for so long) but I did it and everything went perfectly!
This was John's first flight and as you can see....piece of cake! : )

We stepped off our plane and into "vacation land!"
It was hot, hot, hot, last week~
Over the course of four days we visited four parks.
Some of us did scary rides at Hollywood Studios and some of us just took pictures of them....
(wink, wink)

We ate, shopped, saw palm trees, and ate some more!


I found my happy place at the 50's Prime Time Diner!

And we took time to appreciate moments like this....♥

We took a safari and saw some animals up close!
Real close! LOL
And we even were able to meet up with a few of John's school friends for a few hours at Animal Kingdom! He was SO excited!
Lunch at Rainforest Café!
We saw daily thundershowers that were a welcome cool down!
And little bits of happiness that I felt were just for me....
my loves....
And some just for him.... ♥
Oh, hello!
The hotel right next ours (within walking distance) gave a free animation class everyday at 5:00. 
John learned to draw two characters while we were there.  It was a highlight of his trip!
Passed this sign walking back to our hotel ♥
Magic Kingdom is my favorite!
Although it was hot and crowded we still managed to see everything we wanted to see, with a few extra Jessie! ♥
Admiring the landscape while waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion!
We found friends around every corner!
Happiness ♥
Every time I am here I am reminded of what it was like when I first visited back in the 80's.  I was in third grade (just like John) and had never seen such things before.   
It's mind-blowing for a kid! : )
World showcase: France is my favorite!
Weary and tired, but oh so happy!
We began and ended each day at the pool.  I took this picture on our last night. 
We miss this place. 
And now we are home settling back into everyday life. Our own beds, showers, and coffee!!!
Disney was magical but there's no place like home! ♥
 It's Fourth of July weekend and I plan of making blueberry pie and seeing fireworks!
Life is good ♥

Thank you for visiting! I've missed you! xo


  1. Love!
    Love it all!
    You captured the magic of Disney, my sweet friend! So happy you all had a magical time.
    And now... Enjoy being home sweet home, filled with all those memories! Hugs!

  2. Hello Danielle! It took me forever to read this post because I was waiting to check it out on my laptop. I don't usually read blogs on my phone, that's why it takes longer for me to get to them. I so enjoying seeing all your photos! I've only ever been to Magic Kingdom, so it was a treat to see all the other places you visited! I can imagine how happy John was to attend the animation classes. I know how much he loves to draw! Disney is a magical place. I'm so glad it didn't disappoint. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! XOXO