Friday, March 24, 2017

What's on my dresser ♥

We've made it to another Friday!  Yippeeee!
Today I thought I would give you a little tour of my bedroom dresser. 
At any given day you would probably find my purse sitting on it or if its early in the morning a random cup of coffee on the edge of it.  John usually leaves markers or a sticker book tossed somewhere on it when he's in my room looking for me.  And of course there is usually a small pile of folded towels waiting to be put into the linen closet, in the hall right through that door. 
Well, here it is without all those things I just mentioned.  The way it should look (minus a little dust...forgive me : ).

On the right side I have a touch lamp that we use as a night light. 
(I've had that lamp literally over 20 years!)  
The porcelain jar I got as a present from my mom.  The box was a gift from my dad.  It's also a music box.  It plays "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven.

This "wish" jar is filled with 365 little pieces of paper (that look like fortunes from fortune cookies).  Each one is a motivational quote.  One for every day of the year. 
My little love ♥  at age 5.
In this box I have special keepsakes.  Family pictures, my favorite rosary beads, newspaper clippings,
and other mementos.
The dresser scarf was hand embroidered by my grandmother.  She loved to embroider and knit and was very talented.  I have these scarfs all over my house.
The jewelry box in the middle of my dresser is for my everyday "costume" jewelry. 
It's clearly a hot mess! 
To the left of that I have this Tinkerbelle music box that Rob got me in Disney on our honeymoon.  It plays "You can fly, you can fly, you can fly..." from Peter Pan. 
Then there is this bigger box. 
Perfect for letters, trinkets, more keepsakes, and bits & bobs.  Its even more of a hot mess than the little box so I'll spare you a peek inside. 
Behind that is a glass bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. 
I have a strong affection for Paris and hope to visit there someday.
A dish with my special stones.  They give me clarity and comfort.  They are my good luck charms and are supposed to give off good vibes.
My favorite lotion. 
And this Friends sign  (given to me by a dear friend last year : ) hangs above so I can see it every day.
And there you have it. 
What's currently on my dresser.

Thank you for taking the time to tour this little corner of my home. 
I wish you all a happy weekend!


  1. I love the beauty and sentiment of you decorations!
    Xoxo Caroline

  2. I loved this, my friend.
    I loved sharing your beautiful treasures!
    My favorite?
    Tinker belle, of course.
    Happy Weekend!!!!!