Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I highly recommend... ♥

When life gets stressful....get away from it all~
When you are in the middle of moving and your deadline is steadily approaching and you are probably the most stressed out you've ever been in your whole entire life the best advice I can give you is pack a bag, get in your car, drive 3 and half hours, and get away from all the madness. 
That's what I did.  For three beautiful days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ♥

Rob's family's annual trip did not disappoint.  In fact, it may have been the most fun we ever had!  Despite one rainy day, which we made up for with pizza, an unforgettable game of Family Feud, and lots of laughs, the weekend was perfect! 
It was just what I needed ♥

The house we rented was located right on the Saco River
Just a short walk across the grass to the water.
One afternoon Rob and I snuck away and spent some time here walking and talking. 
I've found my happy place ♥

On Sunday some of the group went kayaking. 
Some of us went on another walk, drank coffee on the porch, and watched a movie.  

 Thank you to Rob's cousin Sonya for this picture.  And thank you to my husband who does all the things I don't want to do.  I love him ♥

S'mores night!

Cousins ♥

We stopped at a water park on our way up to the house on Friday. 

It's a fun place with a beautiful view of the mountains!

John loved it! He was a little sore the next day from all the slides but said it was worth it! : )

Our group!
I felt better coming home after getting away for a few days. I was able to clear my  head, talk about different things, and catch up with people I don't see all the time.  It made me most happy to see John have fun and enjoy his last summer as a 9 year old - running, playing, swimming.  All the things he should be doing! 

And now it's time to get back at it.  The packing, packing, packing....ugh! 
I might just need another one of these getaways after the move.  I miss those mountains! ♥
PS.  I also highly recommend playing with Snapchat filers while you are in Boston traffic (see me above...: ) It really passes the time!
Happy new week, friends! xoxo


  1. This looks sooo nice and cozy! Just what you needed! <3

  2. Ahhh! I'm so glad you were able to get away and enjoy some down time with your family. Love the photo of John and Rob on the water! If only we lived closer, I would love to come help you pack. I know how stressful moving can be. We did one major move from our apartment in Toronto to the home we live in now in Barrie. I remember saying several times that week, I am never moving again! It's such hard work. It'll all be worth it in the end. Lots of hugs and wishes for a happy rest of the week! xoxo

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