Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thank you ♥♥♥

Hello, my friends! I wanted to first say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your kind and supportive words regarding my move.  Thank you to all my blog, twitter, and Instagram friends that messaged me with kind thoughts and well wishes on my new adventure.  It truly means the world to me knowing I have your support.  Change can be hard, but I know in my heart this is  right for me and my family ♥
The past few weeks have been CRAZY busy.  I'm honestly surprised my head hasn't spun off my body like a top!  AND I haven't even started packing my house yet! We've been spending all of our time getting our new place ready and I'm happy to say we are just about done (big sigh of relief...).  This weekend we are taking a well deserved trip to New Hampshire to enjoy mountain air and family time.  I need it more than you can imagine. We'll be back on Monday and the madness will start up again, so I'm going to enjoy our down time and live in the moment as much as I can. 

Quick question? How does one pack up a house? Hmmm...I guess I'll find out! :)
I also wanted to say thank you for all of my birthday wishes last week! You made me feel so special! As a little birthday treat to me from me...I bought myself this bottle of Amazing Grace. It's my favorite perfume!  I had run out of it a very long time ago and never replaced it. I had been missing it so I splurged for my birthday.  I'm so glad I did.  There is something about this scent that brings a feeling of peace over me and just makes me happy.  A friend on Instagram asked me to describe the scent and I said "if grace had a smell, this would be it".
It's hard to explain, but I love it so much and if you've never smelt it, please run out to the store and get a sample. 
It's absolutely lovely ♥♥♥

We've scheduled our movers for Saturday September 2nd.  That's officially one month from today.  Something I've been doing these past few weeks is taking a few minutes each day in my yard, walking around and trying to notice things I've never noticed before.  Now that we have a specific moving date I feel like I need to soak in all the memories I have of our little yard before she belongs to someone else.  This week has been hot, humid, with lots of rain.  Apparently the flowers love it, because everywhere I look they are in bloom. 

Either that or they are saying goodbye to me. And thank you for taking care of us all these years.

Or maybe a little of both.....♥

Happy August, my friends! 
It's going to be an interesting month : )


  1. Your pictures on this post are beautiful.
    I hope you enjoy your time away! :)

  2. Happy August, dear Danielle! I'm glad you are able to get away this weekend. You definitely deserve a break! I remember the beautiful home you all stayed in last year. Enjoy every minute with your family. P.S. Now I really want to smell Amazing Grace. Where can I find it? I've never seen it before.

  3. You know I wear Amazing Grace, right????
    My kids say it smells like Mom. : )
    Wish so badly I were there to help.

  4. So glad you were able to get away for a bit! Such a beautiful place to stay at :0D
    Your move and your story behind it.. both inspired and touching. And, as for the move ... you will handle it with strength and GRACE :0) Hugs to you sweet friend,
    ~ Marge ~ { thisprimnannyof3}

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