Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday John! ♥

August 16th, 2007: As I was in my hospital room, relaxed and completely comfortable thanks to an epidural, ready to give birth, Rob and I were watching CNN’s live feed from Graceland.  It was the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.  Over 50 thousand people were marching the grounds of his Memphis home, lighting candles and singing songs, paying tribute to their favorite singer.  Little did we know at the time, that ten years later we would have a little man running around our house, wearing slicked back hair, singing Jailhouse Rock, and Elvis  t-shirts he got himself at Graceland.  Life is funny that way.

Yesterday we celebrate John’s 10th birthday!  I can’t believe my little baby boy is 10.  Double digits! This is getting scary!  Last night before he went to bed he told me this was his BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!  And I can tell you, as a mom, there is nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than hearing those words from your child.  Thank you God.  We did good this year!

On Saturday he had his friend’s party. He truly wanted a party at home this year because we are moving soon and it would be the last party we have in this house.  The answer was naturally, YES.  So we rented a bouncy house, filled some water balloons, got some super soakers (because that’s what you do in August when it’s hot and you don’t have a pool  : ) and prayed for good weather.  Things turned out beautifully!  All the kids had a blast!  We had pizza, cake, and make your own sundaes, which I think was a highlight!  There was whip cream everywhere! 

He decided he wanted to wait and open all his presents on Wednesday, his real birthday.  Honestly, I can’t believe he held out that long, but he did!  He requested take-out dinner and a cheesecake that my mom made.  We had a quiet family dinner at my parent’s house and he enjoyed opening all his gifts.  You can see the joy on his face.  

This is my 10 year old. 

He was so grateful for all his gifts, cards, phone calls, texts, and emails from friends and family.  It made me happy to see the gratitude he expressed.  His next project is thank you cards!! 
Watching him grow has been the joy of my life. The once little bald baby I held in my arms is now almost as big as I am!  I really miss the past, but I’m looking forward to the future!

So now that John’s birthday celebrations are over, I really have to get myself organized and motived to pack.  I’m moving two weeks from today! Eeeek!  I took tomorrow off from work to start filling boxes.  Say prayers for me friends.  I will be happy when this is all over with and I can resume to my regular boring life. 

Love you all! ♥♥


  1. Wow! What a wonderful birthday John had! I think he will treasure this 10th celebration for the rest of his life! A bouncy castle is EPIC! You are such a wonderful mom. Good luck with the move Danielle. If I could, I would come over and help you pack. In a few weeks, you'll be all settled in and this moving business will be a distant memory. Big hugs!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to your little guy!!!!
    Double Digits!!!
    You had an amazing celebration for him.
    And now...the move!
    How I wish I were there to help you!!
    But you will do great!
    Thinking of you, my friend.