Monday, November 27, 2017

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas ♥

Saturday was a good day.  We decorated for Christmas!
When we moved here in September I buried all my Christmas decorations in my parents attic.  The holidays seemed so far away.  And now all of a sudden, it's here.  Saturday morning up I went into the attic and dug everything out.  I was so happy to see my things!  They feel extra special to me now because we have a history.  They've traveled with me.
John and I stayed in our pj's all day, listening to Christmas music and decorating ♥
We decorated our big tree and also a little one in John's room.
The antique ornaments are my favorite.  I don't even know how many Christmas's this one has seen.  It's much older than I am ♥
It feels festive around here now.
My Christmas village arrived at it's new home safe and sound.
I remember telling Rob on moving day to be extra careful with this bucket because there were breakables inside.  ("very FRAGILE" I said : ) 
He did a good job.  Not one causality.
I love twinkle lights!
These are the ones that used to hang around my kitchen window.  I love them! The glow makes the room feel warm, especially during the darkness of morning ♥
Kisses to keep warm : )
Hope ♥

It felt so good to check "decorating" off my weekly list!  Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely morning and then John and I went out for a few hours to do some Christmas shopping.  The roads were busy for a Sunday and the stores were crowded.  I guess it's going to be that way for a while.  I'm glad I'm almost done with my shopping!
I took 5 minutes this morning and made my weekly to do list.  Here's what's on the agenda for the week:
dentist appointment Monday
Walmart/CVS run
start wrapping (a little each night)
prepare packages that are going to be shipped
pick up Christmas cards at Walgreens
make blueberry muffins (John's request)
walk 10 minutes a day - on lunch break
continue with my lemon water in morning  : )
laundry & switch to winter bedding
make time to READ! I got 2 books at the library today
It's been cold but we haven't had any snow yet. Rumor has it that we may see some flurries tonight. 
John is in need for new boots this season. Hopefully I won't have to add that to this weeks list!
(not yet anyway....♥ )  
Happy Monday, loves!  I'm off to Make coffee and read a chapter of my book. 
Wishing you a week of warm glowing lights and holiday feels.....xo

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  1. Perfect.
    I love your cozy and festive Christmas home!!!
    Love your pj day!!!!
    Same here!
    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!!!!!!!!!