Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly to do list ♥

Happy Monday!

Can you believe how quickly the weekend slipped by?  It went by extra quickly for us because we had a good one. For no real particular reason, it just felt good.  Hallmark officially sucked me in with their Christmas movies.  My mother and I laugh at how predictable they are, yet it doesn't stop us from watching them...again & again. They never end.  And thank goodness for that! I would watch for the scenery alone - all the snow and twinkling's just so good!  For those of you who have The Hallmark Channel you know exactly what I'm talking about ♥

On Saturday morning I vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the bathrooms.  I was sooooo close to bringing out the Christmas decorations.  I decided to wait one more week, only because I was tired after all that cleaning.  I have replaced my pumpkin spice coffee creamer with peppermint mocha, which is my hearts way of telling me it's time to get into Christmas mode!  I put a little in hot chocolate today.  It's divine!

I am by no means trying to bypass Thanksgiving.  It's quite possibly my favorite holiday.  We will be going to Rob's cousin's house again this year and celebrating with all of his family.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving my parents host my family get together.  Two families, two turkeys, two dessert's a lot of eating.  It's fabulous!  And then.....the leftovers! Gobble, gobble : ) 

I have a busy week ahead.  I had to adjust my work hours a little bit this week and it's throwing me all out of whack.  Also, its dark by 4:30 now.  As soon as I get home each night I get into my cozy sweats and slippers, and light some candles, and make a cup of tea before dinner.  I really look forward to that part of my day ♥

Yesterday I was thinking about all the little things I have on my to-do list for the week, and I decided that if I blog about them, then somehow I will be accountable and hopefully check them all off the list! Some are little mundane things like laundry and bills, and some are bigger - like list making and organizing.  Let's see how I do this week! If this helps me stay on track then I will make it a regular post : ) 

*Rewrite/organize my Christmas list/think about online orders 
*Decide on a Christmas card picture. Walgreens is having a 50% off sale if I order this week.
*Pick out an outfit for Saturday night. 
  We are going out to dinner in Boston for my mother in laws birthday (wrap gift too) 
*Get outside for 10 minutes each day.  Bundle up, it's freezing!
*Help John study for a big science test mid week
*Bake a gingerbread cake (I'm craving it! I might make it for Thanksgiving!)
*Bills/file paperwork
*Return library books before Friday
*Start each day with hot water & lemon
*Change light bulb in John's closet
*Take John shopping for Operation Christmas Child
  Shoe boxes are due at school by next Monday. 
*Start decorating for Christmas
*Confirm 2 dental appointments for next week
*Paint nails - don't bite them!!!  

I'm hoping by Friday I can check some of these things off my list.  Either that or......

We'll see how it goes! Happy Monday all! Have a great week. 

I hope it's a productive one. 

Or not! ♥

(wink...wink...: ) 



  1. I’m also waiting to bring out Christmas but I’m starting the day after Thanksgiving maybe even that night depending how late Family stays and how full I am. Your meme made me chuckle hope you get it all checked off!

  2. Love, love, love making a to do list. I like to read others’ too, so maybe you should post it each week! I will be checking back with you😉


  4. How happy am I visiting with you here?!!
    It is like we are chatting over coffee, right?
    Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely...
    And I will be thinking of you when I am eating leftovers watching movies!