Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Word on Lucy ♥

I Love Lucy!
My favorite TV of all time is I Love Lucy.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before.  I've loved Lucy since I was 9 years old and I still love her.  I watch I Love Lucy every day and laugh, smile, cry...just as if I had never seen it before. 
There is one particular episode where Lucy learns how to play golf that is so funny I literally belly laugh....even though I've seen it a million times!  Just thinking about it makes me start chuckling....: )
Lucky for me Lucy has been in reruns for my entire life! I've always been able to find her somewhere and make here a part of my day.  I currently watch I Love Lucy on The Hallmark Channel every morning from 5am-8am.  I watch the first 2 episodes while I have my coffee and the rest play in the background while we get ready for work and school ♥
The "classic" shows are the best, don't you agree?
 I wanted to jump into my TV and live back then.  I still do!
The I Love Lucy show aired from 1950 - 1957 and was definitely my gateway into loving the 1950's.  I fell in love with the clothes, makeup, and hairstyles of the times.
 Lucy was a flawless beauty! 
Definitely my style icon ♥
In real life Lucy was a serious woman. 
She was a real woman.
She was a perfectionist.  She was a wife and a mother.  She had insecurities. She did not have a perfect marriage. She never graduated high school. She was a business woman and the first woman to ever own and run her own TV studio.  She was a pioneer for woman in comedy.
Lucy once said "I'm not funny, what I am is brave".
She was ♥
 Did you know that Lucy was 40 years old when I Love Lucy premiered? 
She was age 40 and 42 when her children were born. 
Yes, she was!
Lucy and Desi were married for 20 years before divorcing in 1960. 
(I'm still not over it)
They maintained a loving relationship until Desi died in 1986.
Lucy will never know the countless hours of laughter and joy she has given me. 
She helped shape my childhood and view of the world. 
This one was on this morning! Lucy meets Bill Holden.
Remember the Hollywood episodes?  
"I've got an idea!"
I always cry during this scene ♥
 "We're having a baby, my baby and me!"
 Friends forever!
"Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?"
Lucy passed away in April of 1989.  I was 15 years old. I still have the newspaper clippings tucked away in my scrapbook. 
What was your favorite TV show as a child? Is it still your favorite today? 
And can you say Vitameatavegamin without laughing? I can't ♥
Thank you Lucy! We love you~
"I Love Lucy was never just a title"  - Desi Arnaz


  1. If there's one thing I know about you, it is that you love Lucy! I have heard you mention it several times before. She sounds like an incredible and inspirational woman. Growing up I never watched I Love Lucy, so I don't feel that same connection. Do you know who I used to love watching? Mr. Rogers. Remember him? He was one of my favorites!

  2. Oh, we MUST be kindred spirits.
    I have loved Lucy for so long.
    We would watch it almost every night growing up.
    As an adult, I STILL love watching them. I also loved the Lucy and Desi comedy hour.

    I'm trying to think what episodes are my favorite...

    The wallpaper episode!!
    The candy factory episode of course.
    Or the episode where Lucy and Ethel try to hide all the meat they had accidentally bought.

    Fun post. :)