Friday, February 16, 2018

I ♥ aprons!

Hello! Welcome to another Friday! Yippeeee! 

Things have been quite busy this week, but I'm happy to say all is well.  Rob went back to work today after being home a week, sick with the flu.  I'm so happy he's better and things are getting back to normal.  My mom also came home from the hospital on Monday and is doing remarkably well.  

(thank you all so much for your loving and supportive comments! ♥) 

We had a lovely Valentines Day and a blessed Ash Wednesday and overall I'm feeling good. 
It must be all the pretty store Valentines Day decorations! 

How can you not smile when you see displays like this : ) 

I thought for today I would do something different and tell you about a little collection I have ....

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of myself on Instagram wearing one of my favorite aprons.  After reading your comments I discovered that many of you also share a love for aprons!  I've been collecting them for years.  I have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors ♥ 

 I thought it would be fun to show you a few more of my favorite ones!  

I layed them out of my bed for you to see.  Please excuse the wrinkles.  

I wash them every now and again, but no way am I ironing an apron : ) 

Here's the one I posted on IG, with a caption that said "channeling my inner 50's housewife" because that's how I feel when I wear it.  

My mother made this one for me a few years ago.  I picked out all the fabric and she put it together.  

I love the ruffles! 

This is one of my newest ones.  It was sent to me by my lovely and talented Instagram friend Marge (thisprimnannyof3) as a housewarming gift when I moved last fall.  She made it for me!  

Isn't it darling? I love it! ♥ 

This one is extra special to me because it not only says Paris, it came from Paris! 

My friends Dave and Lisa brought it back for me as a souvenir from their trip to France a few years ago. 

I feel very chic when I wear it! It's my Julia Child apron! : ) 

And then there is this one...I call it my Lucy apron because of the heart! 

 I picked this up for myself in December while I was Christmas shopping! I feel like I need to wear a bun in my hair and bake a cake when I wear it.  

This is the exact deal Rob and I have.  I cook and he cleans.  It works! 

And there you have it folks.  Clearly I'm not hard to please ♥ 

I keep all my aprons hanging on a hook inside my pantry, so they are very easy to get to. 

I wear one every night while I'm making dinner.  

Another clue that I am slowly morphing into a 1950's sitcom mom! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

I'll be drinking tea and binging on all the TV shows I missed this week. 

We are expecting snow Saturday night.
(that dang groundhog was right! :)  

Spring where are you? ♥ 



  1. Hello sweet friend :0). I was so thrilled to read your blog this week and see a sweet “heartfelt” shout out about the Apron I made for you! Just wanting you to know you and I are kindred spirits on the 1950s homemaker feeling!! You’re a dear and I’m ever so glad we met and became such good friends on Instagram! Praying for your sweet mother and for your hubs to continue to recover quickly. Loves and Hugs to you Danielle, blessings for a wonderful, restful,and quiet “non-eventful” weekend!! This Prim Nanny ~ Marge ~

  2. I'm happy to hear that Rob is feeling bette and your mom is back at home recovering. Like you, I love aprons and have quite a collection myself. I adore the apron your mom made for you! The floral ruffles are my favourite! I always wear an apron when I cook. ALWAYS! Not only are they pretty to look at, they're practical too. I love how aprons protect my clothes. Those tomato sauce splatters are the worst. The apron catches it all most times. And I also like wearing my aprons when I wash the bathrooms. Do you do that, too?

  3. I loved visiting here today and love your aprons - especially the red heart one - I am partial to red! I am going to add your blog to my "favorite blog roll" so I can keep up with you! What fun posts I have read today!