Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Welcome September ♥

Hello Friends! It's September! 

And although it doesn't exactly feel like September outside yet, it's certainly beginning to look like September in my house.  This weekend I put all my summer decorations away and started to bring out my fall things.  I felt a little guilty about it considering we were having a hot spell and it was 90 degrees out, but once I caught my first whiff of pumpkin spice all that guilt went out the window.  

Bring it on! 

The first thing I did was hang this bittersweet wreath on the wall.  It's very old and is starting to show it's age in spots, but I still love it : ) 

I put fall runners on my coffee table and kitchen table.  

The fall scented candles are my favorite! This one is salted caramel apple! (happy, happy!)

For my kitchen table this hurricane lamp. 

I love the colors and crackled glass. 

On my hutch pumpkins and pine cones!
Two of my favorite things ♥

Little bits of orange, red, and yellow everywhere. 

I still have a long way to go, but just these bits of color warm the room and tell me its Fall!
(well, not technically, but close enough : ) 

Too soon?  


Not for me! 

No fall season is complete without Peanuts! (at least not in my book : ) 

Welcome Great Pumpkin! 

It will be here before we know it! 

Although my rule is to never buy Halloween candy early.  I don't have to tell you why... :) 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my home. 

As the temperatures cool down and the days become more crisp I will bring out more things.

I think I may have to do a Target run because the last time I was there I saw some really cute stuff!

I also have my pantry stocked with this!!!!  
Hmmm, what will I make??? 

Stay tuned! 
Happy September, my friends!
 I hope it's off to a beautiful start! I can't wait unit the leaves start to turn! 


  1. I'm slowly decorating for fall, too! Just finished my kitchen, and now working on the living room. I need to find a fall wreath, though. Love that snoopy plate! Where did you find it? So cute. Love how cozy your home looks!

  2. Thank you Heather! You are so sweet to say that :) My Dad got me a set of Peanuts plates years ago (from Danbury Mint I think). I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love them so much! I hope you are getting off to a great start this month too. I can't wait to see your decorations, too! xx

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