Friday, November 23, 2018

Disney World 2018

Hello Everyone!  Happy Friday! 

 For all my American friends who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday I hope you all had a fun day eating and spending time with family & friends.  I am still feeling stuffed, but surely will have room for leftovers today! Actually, isn't that the best part? : ) 

And since Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and counting your blessings, today I thought I would share with you some pictures from our recent trip to Disney World.  I am so thankful for my husband who works so hard to be able to take us on these trips that we enjoy so much!!  You don't see him too often here on my blog, and that's mainly because a). he hates having his picture taken, which I don't understand at all because he's so cute....and b). because he doesn't understand blog land at all. But that's okay... he also still carries a flip phone and refuses to have an ATM card.  He's one of a kind and we love him! That being said, we had an awesome time of our trip! John says it was the best one ever!!!  

John was super exited to see the newly opened Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios!  As soon as we checked into our hotel and got all settled in, Toy Story Land was our first stop! 

One of the best parts about Disney is there is always something new to see.  We are creatures of habit and enjoy visiting our favorite rides and spots again and again! But it's always a nice surprise when there is something new.  John is a HUGE Toy Story/Pixar fan, so this was what HE CAME to see.  

It was pretty amazing!!!! 

Disney is a master at details! 

How can you not love this? 

One of the things that I was looking forward to was seeing all the Christmas decorations.  Once again, I was not disappointed.  They were epic.  I am going to do a separate post and show you all of the Christmas décor that I noticed around the parks and our hotel.  For now here is a little sample...

So pretty!!! 

We stayed at the Pop Century resort again.  We stayed here a few years ago and really loved it so we decided to go with it again (I told you we were creature of habit : ). 

Pop Century is broken up into decades from the 1950's-1990's.  When I made the reservation I didn't know where we would end up.  I was secretly hoping for the 50's (of course I was) and guess what?  We got lucky! 

This was our building.  That's a giant bowling pin! 

It's because the pool area is themed after a 1950's bowling alley.  

At the end of the pool is a giant jukebox! 

There was 50's music playing all the time.  We swam to Elivs! 

This is how we spent most evenings....: ) 

Vacations are the best! 

 Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. 

The sight of that castle still makes me teary, even though I've seen it so many times.

It was even more magical with the Christmas trees.....:) 

Tap dancing and singing Christmas, love, love!!!!

We ate Mickey shaped everything!!!!!


We hated to leave!! Can't we just stay forever???  

Speaking of forever, John was forever in gift shops!  He had his own money to spend on this trip and quickly learned the value of a dollar (which in Disney unfortunately is not that much....) 

He ended up coming home with a hefty bag of loot, though!  He used him money wisely! 

The waterfalls at Epot are so cool!  I could stare at them all day :)   

I did a bit of shopping myself! (note the photo bomber to my 

One night we had dinner in Italy (in Epcot) at a restaurant that I've always wanted to try. It was called Via Napoli and their pizza came highly recommend.  OMG was it delicious!!!  
Hands down my favorite meal of the week! 

Followed by gelato!  The best! 

Vacation life ~ 

And then the best thing ever happened!  The highlight of my entire trip!

Billie Jo and I met through our blogs and have been blog besties for years!  What a wonderful discovery to learn that we would both be in Disney with our families at the same time! How magical would it be if we could meet there, for the first time?  Well, we made it happen!  And it was the best night ever!

We met in Epcot on our last night in Disney.  When we saw each other we hugged and it was as if we've know each other our whole lives! We talked and spent the next 3 hours together, with our families, walking around the park, going on rides, and we were even able to share a pumpkin ice coffee together! (thank you Steve for that!! : )  Rob, John, and I had the best night that evening.  John absolutely loved the whole family, especially Flynn, who made him laugh so many times that night.   

I only wish we got a group picture with all of us!  But as I said to Rob, that's another reason why we'll have to get together again someday!  

You can visit Billie Jo's blog here and also her daughter Madison's blog here..... who by the way, is even more sweet and gorgeous in person....just so you know! 

It really was the best night and I was walking on cloud nine all evening.  It made saying goodbye to Disney a little less painful (because I was so happy) and we honestly couldn't have asked for a better way to end our trip! 

Disney is a magical place, in more ways than one.   People ask me all the time why do we keep going back over and over when there are so many other places in the world to visit.  Why? With the heat, crowds, and high prices, why Disney?  And my answer is always the same.  Because we love it.  We feel at home here.  A feeling comes over you in this place that can't be explained.  Once you step on Disney property you don't want to leave.  

We (and by we I mean John and me:) had tears in our eyes at the airport, already scheming to talk Rob into another trip.  We'll keep saving our pennies and be back soon! 

We love you Disney! 

Thanks for the memories!!! 

See ya real soon! 



  1. That was one of the best nights ever!!!!!
    We all loved the time we spent together, and cannot wait to meet again.
    So glad your Disney trip was Magical!

  2. Ahh! Positively love this post. Magic Kingdom is my favorite park, too. You answered the ‘Why Disney?’ question perfectly. It is undescribable how SPECIAL Disney is!!! It was sooo lovely to finally meet! It felt like I had known you forever. :)

  3. My goodness, it looks like SO much fun!!!
    And how special that you all got to meet!!! <3

  4. Visiting from Billie Jo's blog -- what a fun and magical time! Also big Disney fans at my house and I just today made a dining reservation for Be Our Guest for the end of May, 2019! You have a lovely blog!

  5. Awww! What a special trip this was for you and your family! I can see why meeting Billie Jo and her family was a highlight for you. Thanks for sharing your photos. You look adorable in your Minnie Mouse ears. And that pizza from Via Napoli really is the BEST! xoxo