Sunday, March 24, 2019

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend!  
Here are a few random pictures from my week.  It went by so fast!
Did you all see the full moon this week? It was absolutely gorgeous but I do believe it made people just a little bit loopy (mainly, ME). I kept forgetting things this week and one day I actually left the house without brushing my teeth! Can you believe that?  I've never left the house without brushing my teeth in my entire life!  Luckily I keep an extra toothbrush in my desk at work so crisis averted, but I couldn't get over myself doing that. 
Too much coffee or not enough? Hmmm.  
I blame the moon.

This week we celebrated the first day of Spring and although it didn't exactly feel like Spring outside, I could still feel the change in the air and it was nice ♥

I treated myself to some flowers and a Starbucks passion fruit mango iced tea, as you do!  

On Saturday John and I were at the mall and we accidentally stumbled upon a little piece of heaven.....

Mom's on the Go Grilled Cheese!!
An entire place dedicated to my favorite food.  Grilled cheese!
Are you serious? Yes I am.

I was temped by all these options but I went with Mom's Classic. I couldn't go wrong with that!

And as if that wasn't magical enough....they also had milkshakes!  YES!

You can probably tell it doesn't take much to make me happy, because this made me SO HAPPY!

It was delicious!!!!
This is my new favorite restaurant!  LOL

On Sunday (today) John marched in our town's Irish Heritage Day parade.  He walked with a group of friends and handed out candy.  He had a ball!
(I have a little video on my instagram if you want to take a peek)

I love a parade! : )

With my friends Maryellen, Julie, and Theresa.  We all met when our kids were in preschool and kindergarten ♥

Who brought the kid in the Marvel shirt? That would be me! : )


My green Christmas plaid is doubling as my St. Patrick's Day shirt....ssshhh....don't tell anyone.

John's cousin Anthony marched with his JVL basketball team. All the marchers did a great job!
 We had fun spending time with friends and family and supporting our community ♥

And now that I can safely put St. Patrick's Day behind me for another year it's time to think about Spring and Easter! Next to Christmas, it's my favorite time of year to decorate.  I love the pastels and all the bunnies! I'll show you more next week ♥
Have a wonderful Monday, dear friends!  Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Spring! xo

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  1. I love the flowers!
    That sandwich and shake look so delicious!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week. <3