Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Catching up: sickness, weekend in PA, and it's LENT! ♥

Hello Friends! 

I'm starting this post with a shot of my nice, comfy bed.  I spent the beginning of the week right here because I came down with a nasty "something".  Not quite a cold. Not quite the flu.  Something in the middle. It came on fast and thankfully didn't last that long.  

As I type this post its Wednesday afternoon and I"m feeling much better.  I'm still sounding like a cross between Marge Simpson and Roz from Monsters Inc, but my headache is gone and I can breathe again. Whatever is going around lately is no joke.  I hope you all have avoided it.  

If you haven't, #1. I"m sorry and #2. Dayquil & Nyquil are lifesavers! 

Also Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea is everything ♥  

So now that my head is finally clear I can tell you about my weekend.  We had an absolutely amazing time visiting our friends in beautiful Pennsylvania!!!  What can I say about a family that welcomes us (all 3 of us) into their home as if we were family.  We had so many laughs!!!  I just love them so, so much!  We ate out, we ate in, we played games, we stayed cozy.  There were blankets, and puppies, and lots of coffee (and donuts!) and the most amazing steak dinner!  I have no words expect BLESSED comes to mind.  

It's not often that you find friends that you can truly be yourself around....sweatpants and all!  It's the best feeling and I don't take it lightly.  

Billie Jo,  I would drive 8 hours to have coffee with you any day!!  (even with my husbands questionable music choices....but he's the driver so I have to keep him happy : ) 

And this little lady, I am missing her too!!! 

So now we are home, still riding high from our fabulous weekend....never once letting my sickness get me down.  Today is ASH Wednesday and I'm so grateful I am better and was able to get ashes this morning on my way to work.  

It's officially LENT. 

I love this special, peaceful time of year as we head towards Easter and Spring.  My intentions during this lent are to be more present with my actions, be more mindful, and to be more positive.  Sometimes I struggle with these things, but I am working on it 

I hope you all are well (and avoiding whatever is going around).  Stay healthy my friends!  
I wish you all a wonderful week!

I'm off to make pancakes for dinner!  Its our ASH Wednesday tradition : ) 

Thanks for catching up with me.  I'll be back with a new post on Friday! xx 


  1. Ok, How did I miss this?
    Oh. That's right. I was sick!
    So sorry about that!!!!!
    But we did have a wonderful time.
    We are so thankful you guys want to spend time with us!
    We love and miss you!

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