Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Valentine's Day Series: Andies Mint Brownies ♥

Hello Friends!  

This past weekend we celebrated a special birthday.  Rob turned 48!!!  I made him this yummy chocolate layer cake (it had raspberry jam in the middle: ). He loved it. 

If you're looking for the recipe I will direct you to the cake mix isle at the grocery store.  It's a Pillsbury box mix and it was delicious! Frosting came out of a can too.  I just added some sprinkles and viola!

No shame here : ) 

My husband is a no frills guy.  He's about as down to Earth as they come.  He loves dinners at home, getting a small regular coffee in the morning (no flavored stuff for him!), and working out in the garage.  Our lives revolve around the simple things.

And I love that  ♥  

Make a wish!  ♥  

My point is that wonderful things can come out of a box mix. 
Not everything has to be a full sha-bang from scratch all the time. 

Here is one of my favorite brownie recipes using a box mix and chocolate mint candies. 
I always make these in February. 


Originally posted January 24, 2018

I love decorating for Valentines Day! ♥  

All the pink and red hearts look so pretty against the January snow.  The colors instantly brighten my days (which lately have been cold and dreary...)

I made this little set up on my coffee table today.  What do you think?  I'm smiling, how about you? 
And speaking of Valentine's Day, we are only a few weeks away!  I was trying to think of some special treats to bake and I remembered these brownies I made for Christmas .  
Chocolate + mint = perfection! ♥ 

All you need is a brownie mix and a package of Andes chocolates.  

Bake your brownies as you normally would.  

*side note, my friend Billie Jo taught me to always add an extra egg to brownie mix to make them more cake-like.  I always do this and they come out great every time! Less gooey and more delicious! 
Just sayin...* 
While they are baking, unwrap the chocolates because you will need them as soon as the brownies are done.  

(I ate a few along the way...who wouldn't, right? : ) 

When done, remove the brownies from the oven and immediately cover them with the chocolates (in a single layer).  Within a few seconds the chocolate will begin to melt.  

With a spatula, smear the melted minty chocolate over the brownies Willy Wonka style,  so it's nice and smooth ♥ 

Set aside to cool completely.  I put mine in the fridge so it would set faster ♥
Once completely cooled and the chocolate is hardened, use a serrated knife to cut the brownies.  

What you are left with is a delicious chocolate brownie with a thick layer of chocolate mint on top! 

Definitely Valentines day appropriate! ♥♥

Make them for your loved ones and Enjoy! 

Have a great day friends! We are half way to Friday!  I hope these brownies last till then.  
( probably not : ) 


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day! 

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Thanks so much!!   ♥    


  1. OMG!
    Rob is on the blog!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to your man, Danielle!
    Miss you!!!!!!

  2. I know!! Shhh....don't tell him! Lol!
    Miss you too! 😘

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