Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Christmas in February!

Hello Everyone! 

I'm taking a quick break from my Valentine's Day posts to share with you my family's Christmas celebration. That's right...Christmas! 

Many of you who visit me here know that my mother was in the hospital for Christmas.  We never got to officially celebrate as a family....until now.  This past Sunday we ALL got together and had the Christmas we missed.  It was such a fun day.  My Dad cooked a huge meal for all of us (a ham and a turkey!).  My mother was so happy to have our whole family together!  

The tree is still up! 

My uncle (Dad's brother) stepped into the kitchen to help! 

My mom, looking so happy to be home and have her family around her! 

Organized chaos! ♥  

Lots of laughs were had! 

My sister with my nephew and two of her grandchildren.  It's fun to have babies in the family! 

I've had this bag of Christmas presents in my bedroom since November. 

I was finally able to give them out! 

The house smelled like a holiday! ~ 


My aunt & uncle treated us to this delicious Italian rum cake! ♥  

(Complete with a Merry Christmas message. He said the woman who took the order was confused...lol) 

And I made pies.  It wouldn't be a holiday without them!! ♥  

That day I realized that Christmas doesn't have to be celebrated on December 25th.  As long as you have faith and your family around you, Christmas can be celebrated anytime.  Even in February! 

We all felt so grateful and blessed to have had this celebration.  We will never forget this holiday. 
It went from one of the worst to one of the best.  

Have a wonderful day my friends!  Hug your loved ones tight! xo  

Merry Christmas! ♥  

(PS. I shared some videos on my Instagram stories if you want to check them out.  I saved them under highlights : ) 


  1. That's so lovely and your mom looks great! I know you were all especially thankful this year

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