Tuesday, March 24, 2020

10 Things I Love Tuesday ♥

Hello Friends.  How are you all doing?  

Is it just me or does it feel like everyday is the same?  A real life version of the movie Groundhog Day.  Today I was struggling a little bit and then I forced myself outside for a 15 minute walk.  I went to a place where I knew there wouldn't be many people and I could keep my distance.  I walked and breathed the fresh air. And then I sat by the ocean.  It really did help my mood.  When I got home I felt better.  And then Rob suggested we order dinner from our favorite take out place down the street. It felt good to support them because small businesses are suffering.  We are all praying and patiently waiting for this to end.  The next few weeks will be crucial.  We are all in this together.  
We can do this 

I feel like there is no better time to think about the things I love.  The little things in life that make me happy and bring me joy.  We can't forget the little things.  For it's these things that keep us going and put smiles on our faces.  

So without further adieu, here are 10 (very random) things I love: 

milk glass bud vases
white twinkle lights
pancakes (anytime of day: )
going to museums by myself
floral patterns on china
pearl earrings
the song "Vincent" by Don McLean
Entenmann's raspberry danish
the movie Hope Floats (with Sandra Bullock & Harry Connick Jr.)
cherry Chapstick

So that's my list. What's yours? Let's spread some happiness! 

Be well everyone! xo 


  1. I love fashion magazines and candy. I love pearl earrings too. Stay healthy.

  2. Oops! Here it is Thursday already! I'm a bit behind! I love the sunshine we have today, the book I am currently reading "Becoming Mrs. Lewis," peach iced tea (currently enjoying the Snapple variety), being able to be in touch via the Internet, Instacart for grocery delivery which is necessary during these times, the neighbor who comes to mow, the fresh asparagus that is finally growing in our small patch, scones at any time of the day, working all the word-related puzzles in the daily newspaper, the London Pop Box subscription. That's ten for now!:-)