Tuesday, March 3, 2020

10 Things I Love ♥

10 Things I love:

the smell of fresh ground coffee
road trips
comfy slippers
eating cereal at night
Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star"
book stores
chocolate covered cherries 
cardigan sweaters (on men and ladies : ) 
vanilla cake with vanilla frosting 
kind words 

*a bonus thing I love - Perry Como IN a cardigan sweater.  And it's monogrammed! Swoon! lol 

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.  Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket save it for a rainy day." 

What are some random things you love? Please share with me 

Have a wonderful day! xo 


  1. I love to wrap Christmas presents while watching White Christmas.
    I love a cold martini at a fancy steak house.
    I love sleeping on clean, crisp sheets.
    I love it when hubby cooks for me.

  2. *Antique Shopping
    *Peaceful People
    *Home Cooking
    *Hotel Stays
    *Victorian Homes
    *Candle light
    *My beautiful family

  3. I'm visiting from Billie Jo's blog. It's nice to meet you.

    Oh, yeah, Perry Como!! He's the bomb! Actually, Frank Sinatra is my main crooner love, but Perry ranks right up near the top as well.

    Some things I love: waterfalls, picnics, vintage photos, red wine, sharp cheddar, friendly smiles, old movies

    Patti @ Writing to Remember

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