Friday, July 3, 2020

What I needed ♥

I've been a bad blogger this week.  Recently I've been enjoying catching up on blogs! I've been revisiting old posts of some of my favorite bloggers (do you ever do that?) and have been loving it so much I decided to step up my blogging game.  On Saturday I vowed I was going to try to blog every day. Every day! What was I thinking?  The week started and look what happened.  Not one post : (   
I felt in such a funk. A combination of the news, a stressful work situation,  and some other issues weighing on my mind, I couldn't get motivated to post anything.  It was just one of those weeks. 

Last night I got the recharge I so desperately needed.  A friend called and asked if John and I would like to meet her and her son for a sunset picnic at the beach.  She suggested a smaller local beach, not the "big" one we usually go to.  That one is too crowded and the past few times I've driven by I didn't like what I saw.  A lot of congestion and people not taking precautions.  I decided to stay away.  The beach my friend Julie suggested is a small beach that we visited last year.  It's normally quiet and since we were going at 5pm when a lot of people would be leaving...even better.

We spread out our blankets and set up shop.  The boys went for a walk, happy to be outside socializing.  Julie and I ate and talked and had a lovely picnic.  I found all the other beach-goers keeping distance and respecting other peoples space.  I had the feeling everyone felt the same way....they were just grateful to be outdoors and able to enjoy the ocean air.  It was a good vibe and I'm glad we went.

Something I know for sure is that nature never disappoints me.  A gorgeous sunset, the lapping ocean, the smell of salt in the air, and of course the beauty of a full moon.  Those things will never change.  And will always make my heart happy. 

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all get that recharge you need (if you need it) today.  Look for something good and chances are you'll find it 


  1. Oh how lovely, to be able to access a beach! And listen to the waves and the wonderful sound of the ocean. Oh happy sigh...

    And to find one, where people were respectful of social distancing. Beyond lovely.

    By the way, your Sidebar says you dream of being a 50's housewife. I was one. -smile- But no, we didn't go around in pearls and a dress, at home. That was the "Leave It To Beaver" version. At home, we wore pretty cotton pants/top. No jeans or sweat pants then, of course.

    But I did put on a pretty dress, and white gloves, just to go down street and walk in stores. On my "afternoon off."

    My husband ran our corner Drug Store, and had to work long hours, back then. He had a Wed. afternoon off. One week, was my turn to "go down street." And the next Wed. afternoon, he played golf.

    We are living in trying times. And it is easy to get overwhelmed by worry. And so, especially now, it seems important for regular women, to stay in touch, via blogging.

    So I hope you will find a way, to blog more frequently. Our posts don't have to be exciting, or full of gorgeous pictures, or about doing amazing things. Our lives are normal and simple, we hope. Just talk about those things, and how we are dealing with the day to day issues, of life, now.

    I hope...

    Happy 4th of July!!!

  2. So happy to hear you received a "re-charge" - I am working on doing the same ♥