Tuesday, August 25, 2020

It's Coming... ♥


I always use John's birthday as my summer endpoint.  I can't officially switch to "fall mode" until we have properly celebrated John's summer birthday.  Last week we ended his birthday week with brownies on the beach.  And it was lovely.  

But now...it's over.  

I'm starting to feel the shift.  Are you? 


Don't get me wrong.  It's still summer.  It's still 85 degrees, hot & humid.  But there is a hint of something in the air that's telling me change is on it's way.  It's a little cooler in the morning and it's getting darker a little earlier at night.  Which I love. 

My oatmeal is tasting just a bit sweeter these days.  Maybe because I usually don't eat oatmeal in the summer.  I normally wait for the cooler months but the other day I woke up craving it.  I added cinnamon and dried cranberries and savored every bite.  YUM. 

On Sunday I spent the day cleaning and doing my routine chores around the house....vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  Instead of it being the usual drudgery, it felt more like nesting.  I lit a fall candle my heart was happy.  And then I remembered something....  I had a can of pumpkin in my pantry that I've been staring at for weeks.  I've been saving it for my official kickoff to fall.

It was time  

 I whipped up a quick batch of pumpkin muffins.  I used this recipe, (here) but decided to leave out the chocolate chips.  What??? Yup.  I was really craving that pure pumpkin taste.  Classic pumpkin with cinnamon, nutmeg, & clove.  And that's what I got.  

So here we are. Floating in limbo within those few weeks where summer ends and fall begins.  

Nights are always cozy, but with tea and a warm pumpkin muffin they hit a little bit different, don't you think? 

  (And this particular night it was raining so that made it all the more perfect :)


And now the question is... what to do with the half a can of pumpkin I have in the fridge???

Stay tuned!  

Enjoy these last days of summer, my friends! Next week is September 1st! 


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  1. Hello!!
    I adore that picture of you and John!!!! And you know my feelings about all things pumpkin. I too am feeling the time slowly transition to our favorite! Yesterday I was on that back gate road and the leaves were changing and fluttering in the wind!