Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Quiet Weekend ♥


Hello Friends!  I was about to say Happy Monday because it feels like Monday....but yay.... it's Tuesday (i.e. one day closer to Friday...and that's how my brain works).  

Thank you all for the nice comments about my weekend plans.  We are definitely all feeling the effects of the pandemic.  The bright side of my weekend was I had no shortage of hot beverages (thanks to my husband) and we got in some relaxing family time.  Hot soup and biscuits comforted me as did cozy nights on the couch with a candle and favorite blanket.  

John and I made it out see a movie on Saturday which was fun.  The theater was completely empty (which was good for us!) but made me wonder if the movies is on the road to closure like so many other places around here.  We saw War With Grandpa which I loved!  John was a bit horrified because he's used to Robert De Niro in more "edgy gangster "roles but I found him very charming as a grandpa.  It was a lighthearted family movie and just what we needed this weekend.  

On Sunday we quietly celebrated our 22nd anniversary with fish sandwiches from our favorite local fish place.  Well, I had the fish sandwich and the boys had burgers.  Their loss.  It was delicious.  The weather was cold and damp and I commented it felt more like November than October.  I'm not mad at it though.  The colder and darker it is, the more my twinkly lights glow and create warmth through the room.  I love it.  I don't think I'll ever take them down. 

Yesterday was a holiday so no work for me! : )  It was rainy and we all decided to have a lazy day.  I had tea and a nap which was delightful.  (Why are naps and tea so much better on rainy days?)  

It wasn't what I planned, but overall not a bad weekend.  The foliage is beautiful and my Dad got us a big pumpkin and mum for the front door which made me smile.  I'm back to work today and happy to start a new week.  I just had oatmeal and coffee (my go-to breakfast these days) and I'm about to start my day. 

I hope you all had a nice weekend too! Let's see what this week brings.  Crossing my fingers for good things to come!! XO 

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