Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Heart Shaped Soaps ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday  ♥

This morning we are digging out from yet another winter storm.  I saw on the news that Spring is 32 days away.  They flashed that on the screen right after they announced it was 19 degrees.  But at least we have something to shoot for ✔
Despite it being cold, February has it's charms.  

It's also very beautiful.

One of the best things about February is heart shaped everything ♥

  I love adding little valentine touches around the house.  Especially if they smell good too!

For this month's craft I decided to pull out my supplies (because I did the same thing last year :)  and made heart shaped soaps.  

I used silicone molds and leftover glycerin soap that I had picked up at Michaels last winter.  

I cut the soap block into cubes and melted it in the microwave as per the directions. 

I also had some dried flowers that I used in my candles and some essential oils. 

I added a few drops of oil into the melted soap and gave it a stir.  

Smells so good!!! 

I made lemon scented soaps with dried flower petals and lavender scented soaps with dried lavender.

After pouring in the molds I put them in the freezer for a few minutes until they set.  

After they were good and solid I popped them out of the molds.  The silicone made this super easy to do. 


I think they look very pretty in a flowery dish on the bathroom counter.  

They can certainly be used but I think I love them as a decoration/air freshener  ♥

And so goes February.  Cold and frosty on the outside.  Cozy and sweet smelling on the inside  ♥

Have a great day, friends! 

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying your week! xo 

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  1. Your heart soaps are just darling - what a sweet gift to make. Snow here too - fun for today and then we are off to Spring (at least we can hope) ♥