Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Beautiful Fall Days ♥

Hello Friends! 

We've been waiting for Fall for so long and it's finally here.  I'm doing my best to take time to appreciate all the beauty around me and all the feels, sounds, & smells this lovely season has to offer.  

We have officially put extra blankets on the beds because it's chilly at night.  My coffee tastes extra good on cold, dark mornings. It's steamy and cozy, just the way it should be.  Around town I keeps seeing signs for a fall festival and holiday craft fairs next month.  A sign of normalcy, which is nice. 

On Saturday John and some friends are going to a Haunted House. It was canceled last year so he's very excited to go back and get the ever living daylights scared out of him! 
Ah, to be 14! I love it 

Yesterday on the way to pick him up from school I took some time to admire a tree in front of our church. I've always loved this tree.  It's wonky and not perfect, but hey, who is?  
Not everything in life has to be grand. 
She's still beautiful and her color blows me away!


Back home I have candles burning all the time.  Yesterday John came in the room and said "its smells like fall in here."  YES!  I guess I'm doing something right after all! 

My favorite time to admire them is around 4:00.  It's when I log off from work and make myself a little snack and hot beverage before dinner.  It's when it starts to get dark and with the candles flickering it's just lovely.  I wrap up in a blanket for 30 mins and I wish that time of day could last a bit longer.  

I picked up this pumpkin bread at a local farm on Sunday, along with some apple cider donuts.  

So delicious and I'm more than happy to support local business 

I need to do more of that.  Noted! 

I made us our first round of hot apple cider yesterday afternoon and I realized I need to replenish my spices! Cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg are all low.  Need to fix that ASAP : ) 

We have entered baking season and I don't want to run out 

I made sure to tell Rob not too eat the cinnamon stick this time!  If you don't know that story, you can read it here.  

I'll never forget it! LOL 

I'm off to the market today to gather ingredients for a yummy pot roast supper I'm planning.
Cozy fall dinners are my favorite.  Especially when it's chilly out, having a roast bubbling away in the crock pot is the best feeling, isn't it?  I just need to decide on dessert??? Hmmm....

Have a wonderful fall day, my friends! Stay cozy! 

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  1. Pot roast is one of my all time favorite meals! Enjoy autumn, Danielle. It feels like it is so fleeting we really need to stop and soak in all that it has to offer for this short time. 🍂