Sunday, November 7, 2021

10 Things I Love: Fall Edition ♥


Hello Friends! 

It's time for another edition of :"10 things I love".  

Today I'm going to talk about all the things I love about Fall.  

Obviously there are more than just 10, but thinking of the simple pleasures of day to day life during the fall, here are 10 random things I love...

Pumpkin flavored everything! Coffee, bread, muffins, donuts...I could go on and on! I want it all. In fact today I made a pumpkin pie! (the coffee pictured above was a gift from a friend and it's DELICIOUS  ) 

Hot cider with a cinnamon stick

Getting new PJ's for the winter

Making holiday lists and starting my Christmas shopping

Hallmark movies - all day every day : ) 

Roasted butternut squash soup for lunch

Warm cozy sweaters and socks 

Simmering stovetop potpourri

Dried fruit garlands and homemade decorations in the kitchen 

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  

Some bonus LOVES are cracking fires, the smell of the cool crisp air, and Peanuts everywhere! 

I'm so glad I live in a place that has changing seasons or I would never be able to appreciate each one as much as I do.  

What are some things you are loving right now?  Do you love lighting candles on dark cold mornings while you wait for the coffee or tea to brew?  Do you love snuggling under cozy blankets and watching movies or reading a book?  Do you love taking an afternoon walk to look at the stunning colors of the leaves?  Me too 

Have a wonderful cozy week my friends! It's only 4:15pm and it's already starting to get dark!


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