Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lovely November

Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! 

How is your November? So far November has not disappointed me.  It's been everything I've looked forward to and all that it should be.  We've had days so sunny and bright that the colors of the leaves almost glow.  We've also had days like today that are dark and dreary and just as beautiful in their own way.  

November is funny like that.  She can be foggy, damp, and miserable, yet we love her so much it's hard to be mad at her.  

Aaaaand, it's gotten COLD.  So cold I had to finally put on my winter coat.  And it felt good. I don't know why I resist this every year, because once I finally take the plunge and put it's heaven. 
 It was very windy today...leaves blowing everywhere...but I was cozy warm in my black wool coat.  

I'm soaking up all the things I love about fall before we have to transition over into winter.  Holiday commercials and songs have begun.  Today I bought my first Christmas present, so I've officially started my shopping.  One day in the trenches and I'm feeling spent... long lines and crowed stores are not ideal these days, but not everything can be done online. The world has gone completely crazy and makes us feel like we have to do everything early or the holidays will be doomed.  I'm trying not to get too stressed out and just doing a little at a time.  When the the world gets too much, I know I have my tea and Hallmark movies to keep me warm. 

I'm thinking about decorating this weekend.  It will be had to say goodbye to my pretty fall décor, but I'll pack it away nice and safe until next year.  Christmas decorations make me happy so why wait?

My mornings will continue to be delicious with oatmeal, bananas, and honey.  Yum.  Pumpkin spice coffee will continue, as will pumpkin pie.  Seasonal yummy treats like gingerbread cookies have taken the place of Halloween candy (which is long gone, thank goodness!).  I've started to pin holiday recipes to try.  Yesterday I picked up a gingerbread house kit for John and his chocolate Advent calendar.  December 1st is coming fast.  It's getting exciting. 


I wish for fall all year and every year it comes and goes too quickly.  I would gladly give up one of the hot summer months for another month of, crisp, and colorful...before we enter the Christmas rush.  But alas, that's not the case so I'll go with the flow. 
It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week! 

Wishing you a very lovely day and happy November.  

Byeeee xoxo 

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