Friday, January 14, 2022

Hi there! How was your week? ♥

 Hello Friends! 

 I took this picture at 6:50am this morning. That's the time I drive John to school.  I know!!! 
 It's still dark most days and currently freezing cold.  We still have Christmas lights outside that I need to take in.  It's just been too cold I have to admit, I like the glow in the morning. It cheers me up at that ungodly hour. But alas, this weekend they are going bye-bye. Packed away until next year.  

As you can see, thanks to some rain and then sunshine (yay!) most of last week's snow has melted.  What remains are blocks of ice.  I just heard the weather lady say tomorrow's wind chill is going to feel like 20 below zero.  Oh dear.  How many days until Spring? 

We are in the thick of the dog days of winter now.  It's cold, dark, and a blizzard could hit at any minute.  I feel the word "hygge" in my bones these days.  My whole day revolves around finding it.  How do I make it happen. I bake a lot. Sunday I made blueberry muffins from the Magnolia Table cookbook Santa brought me.   I am loving this book.  It's the third recipe I've made from it and they all have been heavenly. 

*always in slippers*

The streusel topping is worth the extra step.  It's so yummy! 

I'm also working on something very exciting.....and here it is.... 

This jar contains day 1 of my very first sourdough starter!  Did I not say it was exciting? Well, that's as exciting as it gets around! Anyway I'm experimenting with this little baby.  I've been "feeding" it all week and on Sunday I should be able to bake a loaf of sourdough bread.  Something I've always wanted to do. 2022 is all about little victories and if I get an actual loaf of bread out of this, that will be a victory.  Remember me in your prayers! : ) 

I only went on one walk this week because it was just too cold and if you happened to see me you would have thought by the way I was bundled up that I was hitting the slopes for a day of skiing, rather than a 30 minute walk! haha.  The air was amazing though and so good for my mental health. More walks to come next week I hope. I'm know I'm asking for a cold blast by walking along the ocean but I just can't stay away. It's too beautiful. 

  Otherwise I worked (still from home of course), ate oatmeal, drank coffee & tea, made more soup, and cashed in some gift cards online, which is always exciting because now I have little deliveries to look forward to.  It beats going to actual stores which I avoid like the plague.  Maybe I've just forgotten how to be around crowds of people.  I find myself getting annoyed so easily and quickly! 

Terrible I know.  

*this is me*

My one venture out this week was to the grocery store. I go early in the morning and it's not too crowded which is nice.  In and out.  Boom.  What's disheartening are the shortages and price increases.  What the heck?  I find myself daydreaming of living on a picturesque farm somewhere with animals.  Growing my own veggies and having fresh eggs and milk right in my backyard.  Country farmhouses are very hygge, don't you agree?  

Do you follow The Food Nanny on Instagram? If not you should.  Her farmhouse is dreamy and I'm slightly obsessed with it.  She also has a baby cow name Cherry.  Also, obsessed. 


Last night I made the Italian Peasant Soup (found on the website I linked).  It has sausage, beans, garlic, spinach....all the good things.  And it's delicious. I'll be eating it for lunch for the next few days which makes my heart sing with JOY!   I want to make all her recipes!

And that was pretty much my week.  I hope you all have a cozy weekend.  My weekend plans include bread, laundry, Netflix, and hot beverages! xoxo 

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  1. It's funny, after that lockdown I find myself more patient when I'm out because I remember when I couldn't be! (I'm a notoriously impatient extrovert ;)