Monday, January 31, 2022

We Survived the Storm! ♥

Good Morning Friends! Happy Monday! 

It's a balmy 5 degrees out today. Brrr! We've reached a new level of cold at this point of winter, but it is almost February so I'm not surprised.  I've spent the morning adding a few Valentine touches around the house.  Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays because I can decorate for an entire month with all the pink hearts I want and not get any grief from the boys I live with! It's fabulous!  Plus I always feel like winter is such a pretty backdrop for pink & red things.  Everything is so plain after Christmas....until now 

Anyway, today is also special because it's Rob's 50th birthday!!! We are being very low key and by his request just keeping is simple tonight.  Which is OK by me as it's freezing out and staying in PJ's is music to my ears.  I am making chocolate cake though, so it's a celebration for all of us : ) 


I wanted to let you all know that we survived Saturday's blizzard!!! It snowed ALL DAY LONG and did not stop until a whopping 2 feet of snow was left behind.  Thankfully we did not lose power and were toasty warm throughout the storm.  

I went outside this morning to take pictures of the clean up, which I was not apart of.  LOL
My job is to make the hot chocolate 
(that's never a problem!:)

They cancelled school for John today because it's going to take the town some time to clean up the roads and (find) the sidewalks.  He was very happy to have a snow day! 

Like I mentioned, it's only 5 degrees today so what looks like fluffy snow is really blocks of ice.  

FYI - it's 48 days until Spring.  I just googled it 🎕

But inside I remain warm with my candles lit and a hot coffee in my hands....always.  

This weeks plans include homemade minestrone soup, sourdough bread, and leftover chocolate cake...if there is any....

Happy last day of January Friends!  Stay warm! xoxo 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your man!!!! That is a whole bunch of snow! I bet Rob couldn't wait to get out there and start clearing! Enjoy the celebration tonight. Wish we were there!