Monday, April 24, 2023

Ocean City, Maryland ♥

Hello Lovely Friends! 

Happy Monday! I have a vacation hangover this morning.  We are just back from an amazing vacation in beautiful Ocean City, Maryland.  My friend BJ and her family hosted us for a whole week in their beachfront condo.  Look at this view. 

  Not a bad way to start the day : ) 

We spent the week talking, laughing, playing games, eating delicious food, watching movies, and breathing in the incredible salty air right outside our window.  

It's really hard having friends that live so far away, but the good thing is that it makes our reunions all the more fun and special.  

We had a great week together :) 

Our condo was absolutely gorgeous! I'll take you on a little tour. 

I was in love with the blue and white color scheme! 

The bed was so comfy too! 

It was a bit chilly but we had sunshine everyday! 

Some of us enjoyed walks on the beach and some of us just sat with our toes in the sand.  
I won't say who's who... :) 

Breakfasts at the beach are my favorite! 

One day we visited the cutest town called Berlin. We had an amazing lunch at the historic Atlantic Hotel (built in 1895).  Afterwards we strolled the square, visited antique stores, the bakery, and got an ice cream. 

It was such a lovely day! 

This was a Hallmark movie moment for sure 

Feeling grateful and blessed with this bunch! ♥

**also my lunch was incredible - I must recreate that pasta salad somehow**

Antiquing makes me happy! 

This antique store had a whole set of Blue Onion dishes! We had these when I was growing up! I only have one left (for nostalgia sake).   And I've never seen those bowls before.
They are so pretty! 

I've been on the hunt for an old fashioned phone (to accompany my typewriter).  I thought I'd found one here but she was $85! I decided to make one more trip to search the attic before I actually buy one.  

Cherry Vanilla! LOOOOOVE! 

These two are the best of friends! 

The Boardwalk in Ocean City is a special place.  We were able to stroll it a few times.  Once we went early in the morning.  There were folks there flying kites and riding bikes.  It felt very vintage, like I stepped back in time.  I wanted to get salt water taffy because that seemed appropriate,  but they weren't open yet.  Next time for sure! 

We also got in our share of dog snuggles this week.  Some more than others : ) 

Ice cream and more fun pics on our last night 

On our last night BJ and I stayed in the condo while everyone else went out to dinner.  When I suggested we stay in, she quickly agreed.  We are so alike! 

 We spent the time in our PJ's, eating leftovers, and solving all the worlds problems.  It was my favorite night of the trip.  The next morning we loaded up the car, said our goodbyes, and off we went...back home to Boston, taking all our new memories with us. 

I can't think of a better way to spend our spring break! It was so much fun and I can't wait till the next time we see our friends!

But, as always, all good things come to an end.  Today we are back to reality. Back to work and school.  I have laundry going downstairs and I'm thawing chicken for dinner.  It's raining today and smells like Spring outside.  It's hard to believe next week is MAY! 

Have a wonderful day friends.  I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I have about 1000 emails to go through so I better pour another cup of coffee and get at it.  

Stay cozy! 



  1. what a lovely vacation! Looks like you all had a great time and now you have to get used to being back home :)

  2. It was a wonderful week that passed much too quickly!!! I am so glad we stayed in that last night!!! Miss you!!!

  3. Love this so much! I can see easily how you 2 are absolute kindred spirits. ;) And the trip looked like so much fun! What a charming place and I live for antiquing! Looks like you found a beautiful one to browse through. Blessings on catching up and having a wonderful rest of the week. xoxo