Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November ♥

Hello Friends!

And just like that it's November.....

When I woke up November 1st, in my chocolate-candy-coated sugar haze, I realized that it feels like November.

The leaves are crunchy and the air is brisk.  The birds and squirrels are busy getting ready for winter. And now that we've turned our clocks back for daylight savings it's dark by dinner time.  It's time to bring out the extra blankets and prepare for the long cold nights. I've got a stack of books on my nightstand and a list of Netflix shows that I want to catch up on.  

Cozy time is here! 

The birds are taking refuge from the wind and rain in their homes.  I guess they like it cozy too : ) 

I have a feeling we will be living with this candy bowl for months.  Because of John's nut allergy I have to separate his Halloween candy into two bowls.  This is everything he CAN'T eat.  So where does it all go you ask?  Yours truly (and everyone else in the house : )  That is until we are all completely sick of it and then I'll take it work.  We aren't at that point yet.  

And please don't worry about John.  What he can't eat from here he more than makes up for in Skittles and Mike & Ikes! Although the other night he asked me to open a Kit Kat just so he could smell it.  He remembers what it tastes like and says he missed them the most : (   

This has been my typical breakfast for the past week.  Please tell me I'm not alone.....

And just because we don't have enough treats in the house (she said sarcastically) John and  I made cookies after school today.  It was gray and dreary today and it just felt like one of those perfect cooking baking days.... You know the ones.  

So we jumped into our jammies, I made tea, and we got baking. 

I love these box mixes by Cherrybrook Kitchen.  They are allergy friendly.  Nut free!!!  (also dairy, gluten, and egg free : )  You just add butter and water to the mix.

And who doesn't love Arthur? I mean, come on : ) 

They are really delicious! Trust me!

And speaking of baking, are you watching the Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network?

I just finished Halloween Wars and now I'm on to this.  I LOVE this show!!! Although it makes me very hungry.  Thank goodness we have cookies in the house! lol

So yes, November.  It's feeling like a holiday month.  Today I went to Target to run some errands and I bought my first 3 Christmas presents!  Oh, the joy of that first check mark off my list!  I know a lot of you have already finished your shopping and if you are reading this let me just say...I'm jealous!  But now I can say I've started and that's an accomplishment!  A little at a time is how I roll.

I celebrated by treating myself to a hot chocolate and a croissant sandwich at my favorite coffee shop.  It was delightful~

Counting Our Blessings by my favorite Susan Branch ♥

I love you November.  You are the month of my favorite Holiday,  I can almost smell the turkey roasting.  You are the month of burning leaves and pumpkin pies.  You are the month of family gatherings and plaid flannel shirts. 

Happy November my friends.  I'm so thankful for you! 

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