Monday, July 17, 2023

How's July going so far? ♥

Hello Friends! 

 Good morning and Happy Monday! 

Can you believe we are half way through July already?!  As usual, the summer is just flying by.  For us, it's been rainy, hot, and humid.  Not my favorite weather, but then again, summer is not my favorite season.  I make do.  Here's how...

Yup, I'm that girl.  It's me, hi.  

(I can feel some of you rolling your eyes at me....haha : ) 

By this time of the month, I'm so over summer I can't even stand it anymore.  My daydreams are of autumn days and dare I say it....Christmastime.  Ok, I won't go there right now, but trust me when I say it's on my mind.  The sweet smell of cinnamon and pumpkin is giving me life right now during this hot & sticky month.  Yesterday I was feeling so drained from the heat, I lit this candle, watched a Hallmark Christmas movie, and instantly felt better. Candles and Hallmark are my coping mechanisms. 

Also Pinterest! I've been browsing, looking for decorating ideas and making mental notes of things I might want to try this holiday season.  Most people get the blues in the winter.  I get them in summer.  Next week we'll do our annual Christmas in July celebration and that should hold me over for a while. Hopefully.  We still have a lot of summer ahead of us! 

However, I'm not here to complain (me? never :).  Despite my non-complaining, we are having a nice summer. It's not all bad!  I'm loving the slow pace of our days, the casual dinners, and endless amounts of ice cream and iced coffees.  They taste better in summertime, don't they?!  My work has been busy which is taking up a lot of my time lately, but thankfully I can do most of it in my home office which means I can stay nice and comfortable in my icy cold air conditioned house.  I only have to venture out once or twice a week. In other news, last week John completed his week long drivers ed course and really enjoyed it. YAY.  Next month when he turns 16 he can get his permit and start practice driving. Yikes!  He'll be doing that with Rob.  No way will my nerves be able to handle it! 
At least not at first : )  

On the weekends we've been shopping, going on coffee runs, and hitting up farmers markets and specialty food stores.  Last week I brought home some peaches and grilled them with dinner.  They were Yummy! I've been doing most of my grilling inside because it's just too hot to be outdoors.  No one seems to mind.

Side note*

Let me ask you...

Do you go to the library?  Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one.  I love my library.  I don't know why more people don't go.  I check out books, audio books, and movies all the time.  They have everything! 

Not much is still free these days, but the library is!  I hope they never go away.  

It's also freezing in there which is very refreshing on a hot day! 

Here are my most recent reads.  Loved them both!!  

We've been keeping our Wednesday beach dates which have been absolute bliss.  That easy-breezy ocean air is a Godsent on hot days.  It's the one thing I really love about the summer.  Last week after the sun went down we made a fire and stayed till about 10:00.  Way past my bedtime, but it was so nice and relaxing we didn't want to leave. 

 I've also been adding to my sea glass collection this summer which has made my whole heart happy. 

(So do the Wendy's runs we make on the way to the beach! YUM!) 

On July 4th we celebrated my mother's birthday with dinner and blueberry pie.  It was fun and she really enjoyed it!  The next day we had dinner at my mother in laws and watched fireworks on TV.  It rained here that whole weekend.  We stayed low key, but it was really nice.   

We watched all the Indiana Jones movies (in preparation for the new one!) which I've never seen.  They were great!  Where have I been all these years?  Now John has me rewatching Star Wars.  This consists of movies, prequels, squeals, and Disney Plus shows. It goes on and on....and on.  I admit I'm liking them much more than I thought I would.  Who knew?!   Star Wars and Hallmark in the same week. That's quite a jump! LOL 

Happy Birthday to my mom! She was born on the 4th of July! 

It's been a slow summer, but as you know I love the ordinary so it's OK with me. 

 Later this week we are going on a road trip to visit our dear friends for the weekend in Pennsylvania!  I'm so excited and looking forward to some quality time, porch sitting, coffee drinking, catching up with my bestie : ) 

Have a wonderful week, my friends! I hope your July is all you want it to be and you are staying cool and cozy! I'm off to fill my mug with coffee (for the third time today!) and figure out what the heck is for dinner.  Someone please send me a magic wand! : )

Byeeee!!! xo  


  1. Yes I use the library regularly and always have. I love our wonderful, cozy, old library here. I can get any book I want because of the deal between counties. If our library doesn't have it it gets sent here from one that does then I just go and pick it up. Stay cool and have a great week!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer even if you are dreaming of fall.
    We have it hot and humid here as well and what is with all the rain? But I won't complain, I know there are many places that need the rain and aren't getting enough.
    Pre covid we would spend a lot of time in the library looking for books. Now and Covid has nothing to do with it but we have gotten a habit of putting books on hold and going in to only pick them up. I miss the time we used to spend sitting in the library but kids have busier schedules now.

  3. It's hot, humid, and sticky here in Northwest New Jersey too, with rain of Biblical proportions! Yesterday morning we were down in the basement at 5:30 am with a tornado warning. Apparently a small one hit about 15 miles away, nothing like the people in OK and KS get, God bless them.
    I have been recording a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies, plus so many good WW2 era stuff on Turner Classics. Summer is my least favorite season.

  4. Sounds like you are coping with this summer beautifully Danielle! Lol Your Mom is adorable - happy belated bday to her! I love the library too. I haven't been in ages...but now you're motivating me to go! ;) Have fun and safe travels to that Bestie. I can tell why you're Besties as you are both definitely cut from the same cloth. Your blogs have the same similar cozy feel. And how you both love all things Autumn! Lol Give her a hug for me. Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom! What a fun date she was born on! I love your sea glass collection. I actually look at peoples collections online. Haha! It’s so pretty! So glad you’ve been enjoying some great movies and your candle! I bought a muscadine scented candle yesterday and so far I love it. Just needed something different! Have a great week!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love the library too! So much!!! And I just finished a Hallmark movie with my girls (a christmas one:)

  7. I love the library! For years I lived above a bookstore in NYC, so loved to buy books there, but my apartment was so tiny I couldn't keep many - so started using the Jefferson Market Library up the block, and I've been hooked ever since. I usually hate to see summer end, but moreso this year as my oldest son is leaving for college in August - it's flying by!

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