Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Thanksgiving is next week?! ♥


Hello Friends! I took this photo from Pinterest.  It's it pretty?  I loved it and thought it was so appropriate in capturing November.  It's moody and dark, but still cozy and whimsical.  I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving.  Normally at this time I would be in a much different mindset, but because of everything that's been going on at home I've decided to take an alternate route. A much easier one.  It was my husband's suggestion and I must admit I had already thought of it but didn't say anything.  I made the decision to order a Thanksgiving dinner - all prepared and ready to go!  Shaw's Supermarket had a great deal.  A fully cooked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls AND a pie.  I'm picking it up on Wednesday. Sometimes you have to do things to save time and make your life easier.  I'm going for it.  As Rob says "how bad could it be?"  I have faith its going to be great! I may add a veggie or two and I'm planning on making my own apple pie (the dinner is coming with pumpkin pie).  I'm just happy my family will at be home and together on Thanksgiving.  As soon as I made the decision not to cook I felt a wave of peace over me.  Who knows, maybe it will be so good I'll do it again next year?? We'll see.  Fingers crossed! : )

In other news John had a band concert last Sunday.  He did so well.  The school provided them tuxedos.  I have to share a picture because when we were outside taking it all I could think about was how the neighbors must think he's going to a prom! lol 

He looked so handsome! 

He's tucked in the back on drums and you can hardly see him back there (back row, center, left), but we could certainly hear him.  He did an amazing job.  The school music program has been so wonderful over the years.  He loves it.  They are now practicing for the Christmas show in December.  I hear the big number is Sleigh Ride.  I'm looking forward to that! 

And speaking of Christmas.....

Just when I said to myself I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.....nope.  I went to attic to get one thing and then couldn't stop.  I hung garlands around the windows in the kitchen, hung lights in my office, and put up this little tree on bedside table. Just seeing the little bits and bobs around the house made me happy.  Christmas decorations are such a mood booster, aren't they? And we all need it right now.  

I'm going to do more this week, little by little, until all that's left is the tree...that's my favorite.  

Have you decorated yet? 

The weather has been very cold (finally!!).  On our nightly walks I've been wearing a scarf, gloves, and last night I broke out the ear muffs. John gave me an "are you kidding me" eye roll, but I didn't care.  I was nice and toasty.  I love the cold weather and I'm so happy it's here.  One of my neighbors put a Christmas Story "leg lamp" in their front window.  We laughed so hard last night when we saw it.  I'll try to snap a picture of it if I can do it nonchalantly and show you.  I don't know this neighbor but I wish I did.  I think we would be friends : ) 

The ground is covered with frost in the mornings and I've been using my automatic start to warm up the car before the school run.  John and I both have hot coffee to sip on the way.  Yesterday when I got home I noticed this one rose still thriving in the front yard.  She's the lone survivor.  I don't know how long she'll last with these frosty mornings but I'm rooting for her! 

And now I'm off to have a favorite snack. An orange and a square of dark chocolate.  They really are lovely together.  I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful month of November.  The December rush will be here soon! Have you started shopping yet? I'm happy to say I have. 

Thank you for visiting me today.  Have some hot chocolate, get a warm blanket, and watch a Christmas movie.  I want to watch The Holiday this weekend.  It's one of my favorites and always leaves me dreaming of Christmas in the English countryside.   Someday! 

Stay cozy friends! And thank you all for your continued well wishes and prayers for my family.  

Love you! Xx


  1. Hello beautiful Friend!
    I'm so glad you made the decision about the Thanksgiving meal too. If it takes stress off of you that is everything. And I have no doubt it will still be amazing! Especially since you'll all be together. I love the neighbor with the lamp - that's epic! 😂 My kinda people too. John looked so handsome. When Annie graduates this year I'm going to miss all of those school events. My last baby leaving the nest. (hold me a sec? 😢 ) But it will be so fun to see where she soars. :)
    I LOVE The Holiday. One of my faves too. If you ever need an Anglophile partner for your England trip just let me know. Lol 😉
    Blessings. xoxo

  2. I AM PROUD OF YOU! Can you hear me screaming from here? What an absolutely perfect decision for you and your family this year. I need to text/call you soon! And...not to brag or anything, but I am all decorated! Tree too! Prayers for Mom.

  3. I think you've made a great decision to order Thanksgiving dinner! It will be delicious and you will be able to fully enjoy it with your family. My mom orders a cooked turkey from the grocery store every Thanksgiving and it's always delicious. I'm happy to see more people are decorating earlier this year. Our tree will go up this weekend and I can't wait! Chocolate and orange really is the best combination in my opinion. I love to add orange zest to whipped cream and top hot chocolate with it - it's delicious! I also love the movie The Holiday! It's one of my favorites and I watch it several times each Christmas. I adore the little English cottage. Wouldn't it be dreamy to spend the holidays in a cozy, English cottage? I will continue to pray for your mom. Take care.

  4. I have ordered Thanksgiving dinner this year too! I ordered from the restaurant Saltgrass. They are offering the works and we pick it up on Wednesday and just heat it all on Thursday. It has completely taken the stress out of the holiday. I love the movie The Holiday! I recently watched a cute movie called The Intern with Anne Hathaway. Not Christmas themed, but very cozy. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I orderedThanksgiving one year, and it was delicious. While I went back to making all the sides homemade, I will never again roast a turkey - I order that every year!

  6. Hello Friend! I am so happy you have made the decision to get Thanksgiving delivered! If it relieves stress... why not! I now make Turkey Rolls (good deli turkey sliced thick and rolled around a scoop of stuffing. Cover with gravy and heat!) instead of roasting a turkey. So much easier and it still tastes like Thanksgiving Turkey!
    I'm glad your Mom is doing better and you will all be home together!
    John looked great!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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