Friday, March 18, 2011

My Late Night Project

I’m always pleased with myself when I finish a project or follow through on a promise that I made to myself. Most of the time things get put off until “I have the time” which is usually never. But last Saturday I made good. For some strange reason, after everyone had gone to bed I got a burst of energy. I had been nursing a cold all week and had drank so much tea, I think the caffeine had finally taken over my body. Anyway, since I was wide awake - and since the world was sleeping - I decided to be productive.

There are three shelves that hang in my living room that I had been dying to paint white. I never liked the finish on them. They were natural wood, but way too light and boring. They needed a face lift. Since I knew at 1:00 am I would not be interrupted I proceeded to take myself, in my pink pinstriped pajamas, down to the garage to get my supplies - paint, brushes, sandpaper, etc. I spread newspapers over the kitchen island and got to work. As luck would have it there was an I Love Lucy marathon on The Hallmark Channel that night. Jackpot!

In between coats I kept busy. At this point if I sat down I would have surely fallen asleep and since I had started my project I was determined to finish it. I checked my email, caught up on blogs, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the pile of my grandmothers doilies sitting in my craft room. They had already been washed and pressed. I was just waiting to set aside some time to decide where to place them. Well, time I had. I put another coat of white paint on the shelves and went back to the doilies. I pulled out all of my favorite ones that I thought were the most springy. Right away I knew the two crocheted ones would be perfect on my newly painted white shelves.

I picked out one for the coffee table, one for the sofa table, and another one for the side table. I had so much fun puttering and painting, not even realizing how late it was. To top it off, I forgot that it was daylight savings. So at 2am it was really 3am! I was very cranky Sunday morning, but in the light of day, when I was able to actually see what I had done and how beautiful everything looked I was so happy.

It’s the little things in life that lift your spirits and make your world beautiful.

So as it turns out, Sunday turned out to be a great day. Yes, I was sleep deprived, but Spring had arrived in my house.

Tulips - means Easter is on it’s way : )

I got these “faux” books at Michaels two weeks ago. I have them on the end of my sofa table and I just love the way they look. The one on the bottom has the Eiffel Tower on it, and the one on top has flowers, butterflies, and French writing. Reminds me of Paris in the Spring.

Paris luminary - also from Michaels. I love the postage markings on this.

I have this hyacinth plant on my kitchen island. Hyacinths are always the first plant of the season that I buy. I love the way they make the house fragrant and alive.

As a finishing touch, I hung this vintage tea towel that my Nana made on the handle of my stove. It has an embroidered tea kettle on it. I love it. I recently saw on Martha Stewart a project where she made aprons out of old tea towels. I’m thinking of maybe doing that with this towel. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

With all this light and wonder inside, I decided to venture outside and search for signs of life. Here’s what I found...

Things are waking up…

I saw greens, blues, and yellows. The yard is coming back to life after a long winters nap.

It won’t be long until the forsythia is in full bloom and the tulips are opened. Spring has sprung and I will be making my daily checks every morning.

Welcome Spring! We are so happy you have finally arrived. 

Now I’m going to go take a nap…. : )

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