Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is the view from my front living room window.  I am very lucky to have neighbors that love and appreciate beautiful flowers and landscapes as much as I do.  What a treat it is to glance out the window and see all these glorious colors.  And I didn't have to do a thing : ) 

I took this picture Saturday morning. I had just woken up and was still groggy from being up half the night watching replays of the Royal Wedding over and over again. Though not in order I think I managed to see every detail.  I was so enthralled I could not stop watching.  The beauty and elegance of it all.   I kept thinking to myself, what must they be feeling?  It was so amazing.  And what really made me smile was the fact that the whole world came together in celebration.  It's very heartwarming when people unite for something wonderful.  Good things do happen. I know I was watching history being made, but the fact is, what I saw were two people in love.  Weddings always make me cry, and this one was no exception.  When Kate ascended down the isle to finally meet William at the alter and he got his first look at her, you could see him say to her "you look beautiful".  He had me at hello.  I drifted to sleep dreaming of being a princess...

Aside from the wedding ceremony itself there were two other details that had me glued to CNN.  Number one - the fashion (of course) and number two - England.  As my husband hears me say at least once a week, I am on a mission to get to England.  It's a place I've always wanted to visit.  I've dreamed of seeing the London Bridge at night, having tea at Harrods, and especially traveling the English country side.  I've always wanted to have a picnic in a real English garden.  I've been reading about the Cotswold's area and it's calling my name.  I've picked out a hotel and mapped out our quest.  Unfortunately, now is not the right time for us, but I know one day these feet will take me where I want to go....

Until then, it's nice to have a dream.....

On Sunday afternoon my little one took a long nap.  We had spent the morning at the New England Aquarium.  It was so much fun! Our little family of three drove into the city and took our little boy to see the fish, turtles, and his favorite - the penguins.  There was also an interactive exhibit where kids could touch a baby shark and a stingray.  He loved this, especially because he was given permission to put his hands in the water and splash!  I love watching him "take it all in".  Everything is a new experience to him and everything new is interesting.  He literally watched penguins for 45 minutes.  That right there was worth the price of admission. 

Needless to say, with all that excitement he fell asleep on the way home.  I carried him up to the couch where he stayed for two hours.  Ahhh....  Rob, the hubby, decided to go for a run which left me all alone.  Serenity now.  I made myself a cup of Earl Grey and took a walk around the yard. 

We had quite a bit of rain last week, which seems to have pushed my flowers into full bloom. 

So happy!

The sunshine was beautiful on Sunday.  I walked with my tea, and soaked it all in....

We have finally made it through the winter.  The heat is off and windows are open.

The hydrangeas are on their way and will soon be in a vase on my table. No more supermarket bouquets.  Think of all the money I will save. 

Here is a picture of my favorite bush in the yard.  A white bleeding heart. Love it, love it, love it!

The tulips never last too long so it's important to appreciate them while we have them.

Back inside for a refill, I decide to get a head start on the week.  I made a mess, but I made progress....

I cooked two chicken dishes (chicken & mushrooms and barbecue chicken), made a pasta salad, a tomato & cucumber salad, fruit salad, and tortellinis in marinara sauce.  All of this will keep safe and sound in the fridge for a few days.  This will take some of the pressure off me after work.  I love it when I plan ahead! 

I heard my son starting to stir, which meant that "my time"  was over and "mommy time' would resume.  I only had a few more minutes - but that's all I needed to do this...

I bought these cute little kits at Target last week for a dollar each.  They came with the dirt, seeds, and these adorable little pots. Now, obviously you can't fit much into the pots, but hey - for a dollar they look pretty darn cute in the kitchen.  I'm figuring I will get enough herbs to at least garnish salads or add a dash to a meal.  I will plant more herbs in pots on my deck later in the summer, but for now these cuties made me happy.

The brown pot in the middle is zinnias and was also a dollar.  Once they start to grow, I'll transplant them to a bigger pot outside.

Update : remember these?

Mom's sunny window is doing the trick.  Pretty soon it will be time to bring the babies home : ) 

My beautiful weekend ended on a high note with a spur of the moment shopping trip with my mother (and of course my shadow - i.e. my son : )

We went to the Christmas Tree Shop and had a ball.  Who knew it could be so much fun, right?  Well, we just love a bargain. I went in looking for a plant stand for my deck, which of course I found, along with a few other things that I certainly did not need, but WANTED.  One being this....

Is this not the cutest apron you have ever seen?  Forgive the wrinkles.  I have not yet ironed it.  I just couldn't wait to take it out of the package and photograph it for you.  I love this.  It's a Waverly print and was only $10!  I've been wanting to make an apron just like this, and now I don't have to.  I couldn't make it for that price.  So excited! We ended our trip with peach ice tea and egg salad sandwiches.  What a great day.  (And thanks to the Christmas Tree Shop toy department, my shadow had a great day too!)

The label calls this a "hostess apron".  I guess I'm supposed to wear it when I "host".  My friends will love this....haha....  This apron makes me feel like I want to explore my inner June Cleaver.  What would June do in this apron?  Well, we know she would be wearing pearls,  vacuuming, and making a snack for Wally and the Beaver to have after school.  I know!  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Here I go...

1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/4 packed brown sugar
1 cup butter or margarine
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tbsp milk
2 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups quick or old-fashion oats
2 cups chocolate chips
1 cup chopped nuts

Preheat over to 375 degrees.

Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a small bowl.  Beat brown sugar, butter, and sugar until creamy.

Beat in eggs, milk, and vanilla.

Gradually beat in flour mixture.

Stir in oats, chocolate chips, and nuts.

Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased cookie sheet. 

Bake for 9 - 10 minutes for chewy cookies or 12 -13 for crispy cookies.  Your choice.  I like them chewy. 

Cool on baking sheet for a few minutes before removing.  Cool completely on wire racks.

Makes about 48 cookies.

On a side note, I just wanted to tell you that I think these chips are the BEST in cookies:

The morsels are big so every bite of cookie has a burst of chocolate.

I think Wally and the Beav would surely agree!

Before I took my magic apron off, I packed some cookies in hubby's lunch, set aside a special plate for my little one, and also made a care package for Mom & Dad to be delivered tomorrow. 

Sometimes we try to be fancy, but you just can't compete with the classics.

Ok - off with the apron, and off to bed. 

Have a wonderful week to all!  


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