Monday, March 7, 2016

A few days of photos.... ♥

Hi Everyone!
 Here are a few photos from the weekend and the ones for my photo challenge....♥
Day 4 is Clock: I think I've posted this before but this is the clock that hangs in my bedroom.  I got it a few years ago at The Christmas Tree Shop and paid under $10 for it.  It's so pretty and I'm in love with the ticking sounds...tick, tick, tick.... 
Day 5 is Flowers: Ah, flowers! When I took this picture yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch having coffee admiring this lovely African Violet that I have managed not to kill.  It's so nice to have some color in the house.  This time of year is so drab.  These blooms are a promise of Spring~
Day 6 is Clouds although I took this photo a day late because there were NO clouds in the sky that day.  Not a one.  I was able to snap this picture of today's wispy clouds this morning on our way out the door. 
Day 7 is Outfit of the Day.  It's a shame day 7 wasn't on a better day for me because today was not a cute day.  Monday is my day off which means its my cooking, cleaning, errand running day.  This is my typical Monday outfit (unless I'm home all day in my pj's :). 
Not that I'm complaining.  Monday is also my most comfortable day.
 I ♥ it!
In other news.... It snowed Friday.  Just a dusting, but very, very cold here.  At this point I'm so baffled.  Wasn't it only last Monday I was walking on the beach in a light jacket?  Mother Nature is clearly as confused.  I heard we might reach 70 degrees on Wednesday.  Um...Ok.
That's New England weather for you!
My little guy has been busy drawing.  Saturday morning he spread out all these pictures on the floor so I could pick out my favorites.  Too many to pick from!
Do you see any familiar faces??? 
Yes, that is Charlie Brown on the left. He's one of his favorites to draw.  Darth Vader is next to him.
 I think he's copied probably every cartoon character ever drawn!
After that we went to music.  While John was having his drum lesson I took a walk around to kill some time.  Music shops are cool places.  I am always amazed at peoples talents...mostly because I can't carry a tune in a paper bag. Sad but true!
Since it's March I made Irish Bread today!!!  I always make my friend Eileen's recipe. It's the best one I've ever had.  I posted the recipe for it last year.  It has a cup of sour cream in it which makes it super moist. You bake it in a 10 inch round baking pan.  I split it and took half to my parent's house this afternoon.  I have a feeling I'll be making another one by week's end. 
I decorate all my letters with Susan Branch stickers.  I've had a stockpile of them since the late 90's! 
I very rarely send anything through the mail without one.  Friday was my day to catch up on letter writing. So much better than emails ~
Did you all watch the Downton finale last night? It was Ah-mazing!!!!!  I am so sad to see this show end, however I don't think I've even been as satisfied with a series ending EVER than I was with the Downton finale.  It was so well done and I cried tears of joy.  It will take a while to get over this one. I still can't believe it's really over (I know's only a show....:).  
And that's my week so far.  What have you been up to?


  1. Lovely photos, my friend!
    I've never made the bread.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!!!

    1. Thanks Billie Jo! And I did get your email. You'll be hearing from me soon! ♥

  2. Good Evening Sweet Friend :0) I know I say this a lot, but, totally my favorite post yet this year! Fun! First of all your son is quite an artist for his age! Impressive drawings:0) Looking at your outfit for Monday I couldn't help notice your bag.. Wondered if it is a Vera Bradley? Couldn't see it very well, but it looks just like my Vera tote! Also, wondering, where do you get your Susan Branch stickers? I too still do "actual" letter/card writing and also for many years have used Susan Branch and Debbie Mumm stickers and practice differing envelope decor writing styles. However, I haven't been able to find any here in Oklahoma in couple years.... Would love to know where you get yours or if you order them. Loved the fun post Danielle, have a wonderful evening.... ~ Marge ~

    1. Hi Marge, you are so sweet! Thank you for the compliments!!! My bag is not a Vera (although I do love Vera bags : ). I actually got it at Target last year. As for my SB stickers, you won't believe this but I've had a stockpile of them for years. A long time ago (it has to be 15 yrs at least!) I ordered a huge SB scrapbooking kit from QVC. It came with hundreds of stickers! I finished the scrapbook and these are the leftovers. I've been milking them all these years. I used to see them in Michaels all the time but I don't think they carry them anymore : ( If I ever see them in stores again I will surely let you know ♥♥♥