Thursday, March 3, 2016

February catch up & a March photo challenge ♥


Hello my friends! I woke up super early today.  It's still dark out, I have a scarf around my neck and a steaming hot cup of coffee beside me. Since I am normally not up this early, I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I thought I would take a few minutes and play catch up since I just realized the last time I posted here was February 19th.  Wow, that was a fast month~

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? We celebrated at home with homemade cards, chocolate kisses, and a family dinner.  It was perfect!

John and I made heart cookies for dessert.  They were completely nut free and he was so proud of himself. 

And quite delicious too!

The weather here in my world has been crazy.  One minute it's freezing and the next it feels like Spring.  One day last week it was so warm I was able to take a walk along the beach. 

It was so gorgeous I was able to actually walk down to the water.  I only had on a light jacket.  It was glorious.  I don't think I've ever been able to do that in February before.  Normally the wind is so cold I don't even get out of the car. 

I walked for almost an hour up and down the beach.  Felt so good.  I can't wait for summer!

Anyway, the next day it went back to being freezing cold again and my beach day was a distant memory.  Oh well. At least I'm not buried under 12 feet of snow like last winter.  I'm grateful for that! : )

This past weekend was the Academy Awards (i.e my favorite holiday!).  I watch faithfully every year weather I've seen the movies or not.  Most years there are more movies I haven't seen, but I don't care.  It's worth it to see the dresses and I am of course a sucker for a good acceptance speech.  I always end up crying even if I have no clue who the person is.  I can just imagine that feeling of "wow, I just won an Oscar!".  I had some wine to celebrate because, this finally happened....

Let's all wipe away our tears and take a sigh of relief... Thank you!  We've been waiting for this since 1996! Well, I have anyway. It was well worth staying up past midnight to see this moment.  PS I saw The Revenant and it was AMAZING! Well done!
Oh, by the way.... I have a random tip for you.  If you like lemon tea like I do you must try this.  Put a little lemon zest in your sugar.  It's sooooo yummy!  I have some in a separate sugar bowl that I use just for me.  You can also sprinkle this lemon sugar on cookies, desserts, or French toast. 
That's it....♥
So now that we are in March I decided I want to do another photo challenge.  I really enjoyed doing it in January.  It was nice having an "assignment" everyday.  I also loved posting my pictures (here and on IG/Twitter) and interacting with you.  I feel like we know more about each other and isn't that lovely? I think so!
I'm three days in already, so here's what you've missed so far. 
Day 1 was (of course) YOU.  So here's me.  Trust me, by looking at this picture you can tell the last thing I wanted to do was photograph myself so this is the best I could do.  Hello!
Those flowers on the right are from Valentines Day and are still blooming.  That makes me happy!
Day 2 is Nails.  I've been using this Le Vernis Rose en Gel on my nails for the past month.  I got it as a free gift at Sephora and I love it! It's a nail strengthener and brightener.  It goes on as a very sheer pink, and the formula filters out the yellow color of your nail and makes the white part look whiter! My nails have never felt better.  Well done Sephora! You've sucked me in again.... : )
Day 3 is Favorite Color.  My favorite colors are blue & black and as I was cooking dinner tonight I glanced out the window and saw the sky was my perfect shade! It's my absolute favorite when the sky is so dark blue that it's almost black.  Probably ten minutes after I took this picture, but if I didn't take it now you wouldn't be able to see anything : ) If you peek inside my closet you will see a good majority of my clothes are these colors.....with a little splash of pink mixed in for good measure!
So that's it! I'll be posting my March photos here daily so please check back.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day! It's Friday!!!!!  I'm off to get another cup of coffee and head out to work!


  1. I love when you do the photo challenges, because that means you will be posting everyday! So nice to catch up with you and your happenings. : ) Have a cozy weekend, my friend!

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