Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer bucket list and weekly wrap up ♥

Good Afternoon my Friends! Happy Friday!  

While I was drinking my coffee this morning I got to thinking about some things I am looking forward to doing this summer.  They are not major things but it's the little things that mean the most, don't you think?  I've been so busy lately with LIFE that I have to constantly keep reminding myself to stop and smell the roses.  I don't want the precious weeks of summer to slip past me.  

Slow down, Danielle.  Slow down.   

Here is a quick summer bucket list of randomness....

Go to the beach and relax…. Hopefully going this Sunday if the weather cooperates.  I can’t wait to feel the sand on my bare feet and smell the salty ocean air.  Also will give me a chance to wear my new beach hat! 

Summer reading! I just got some amazing book recommendations that I can’t wait to dive into.  Will be bringing my books to the beach.  
I would love to hear your recommendations as well.  Is there something you absolutely loved? 
Please tell me!! 

*side note:  there is something so satisfying about going to the library in the summer. I remember going as a kid on hot, hot summer days.  It was so cool and quiet.  I just love it ♥♥♥  

Oh, and guess what? I found out that John will be reading Harry Potter next year in reading class!  So strange since I was just talking about how I’ve never read it.  Now I’ve got my chance, and John and I can read it together. 

Have a museum day.  I like to reset my batteries with a solo museum visit.  I’m hoping to go here soon. 

Mani/pedi – this sounds so minor but I very rarely set aside time for pampering myself.  
Would love a facial too: )

Plan our next Disney trip, which will hopefully be in the fall (fingers crossed). 
The planning itself is half  the fun! #alwaysdisneydreaming  

Have a Disney movie marathon! I want to revisit the classics ♥ 

Celebrate Christmas in July on July 25th.  Make frozen hot chocolate again!

Catch up on handwritten letters and packages to friends.

Work on my watercolors.

Visit the farmers market.  Eat fresh fruits and veggies! I want to make this baked tomato salad again. 

Use my ice cream maker (I’ll have to wipe the dust off it first : )

Go on a family picnic.  I’m imaging  lobster rolls and iced tea on a blanket right here… 

Bring back game night!

Plan John’s birthday party in August

I would like to have a tea party this summer, and I wish you all could come.  We could eat cucumber sandwiches and mini macaroons and sip the afternoon away.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?

And most importantly….work on keeping no schedule! That’s what the rest of the year is for! 

John has kicked off his first week of summer vacation with a trip to the public pool with some friends, saw Cars 3 (again!), and two days at his grandparents house where he is spoiled rotten!  One day out to breakfast, one day out to lunch and an ice cream.  He's easing into summer vacation like a pro! 

Anyhow....on that note here are a few pictures from my life around here last week.... 

We celebrated Father's Day last Sunday.  I made my Father in law this lemon blueberry trifle....

And my Dad this apple pie.  Don't worry about Rob.  

He got a little of each! 

Some of my current beauty favorites : ) 

We are enjoying the cooler evenings, because its been H-O-T during the days! 

Spur of the moment ice cream run with my co-worker! 

I got coconut almond joy! It was ah-mazing! 

I need to balance out with a little salad.  Grocery store salad bars are always a treat! 

Two things I saw that I didn't buy but should have.  First this book (which I could easily have written!) 

And this tank top! Which should be the motto of my life! lol 

And there you have it.  Nothing fancy, nothing special.  Just summer! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Remember to slow it down! 



  1. I love the idea of a Disney movie marathon! I may do that with my girls this summer. :)

  2. I love your summer bucket list! I really want to go to the beach, but our weather hasn't been hot enough for it, and it has been quite rainy, too. I think mother nature is getting us back for last year's hot and dry summer. I just hope the weather cooperates for Cananda's 150th birthday celebrations this weekend. I see that you are planning another trip to Disney?! I'm so happy to hear it! I love Disney, but then again, you know that! I think this year we might go away again during Christmas holidays, but maybe somewhere different, more tropical. I hope you get to fulfill all of your summer bucket list wishes! xoxo

  3. Ok, Danielle! There are way too many things that I love in this post - I don't even think I can mention them all!!! All your food looks sooo yummy. Since I started working at a Bare Minerals counter for the summer, I started using my Bare Minerals original foundation again. I wore it yesterday and loved it! ALSO, I've been really wanting to try the Mario Badescu facial spray - just haven't gotten around to it yet. That lip color looks so pretty. Also, I need that Disney book!!!
    Ok have a good weekend!
    Love, Madison <3