Friday, March 23, 2018

Weekly wrap up ♥

One of the many million reasons I love blogging so much is because this space is a memory holder.  I am able to capture little moments in time and then be able to go back and revisit them.  I'm happy that I had been blogging for so many years before I moved because now I have countless photos of my old house, frozen in time.  When I go back to look up a recipe, there it is! So many meals cooked in a kitchen that doesn't belong to me anymore, but will always have a piece of my heart ♥ And that feels good! 

 This week I made a conscious decision to try to take more pictures so I can post them every Friday in a wrap up post.  I had gotten away from it for some reason and I've missed it. Even the little mundane things have memories attached to them. I'm grateful to be able to share my little scrapbook of memories with you ♥  

So here's what this week looked like in my corner of the world.... 

I'm loving the morning sunlight these days.  The shadows are so pretty! 

We were supposed to be hit with another Nor'easter on Thursday but luckily it passed us!  It would have been the 4th one this month! Needless to say we've had our fill of snow/winter around here.  I was so happy when I woke up Thursday morning to just a dusting and not the 6-8 inches that was predicted! 

Happy dance! ♥ 

Celebrated St. Patty's day with another round of Irish bread! So good! 
And yes, that's coffee...I should have had tea : ) 

A clear but cool day! 

John and I took a day and went exploring! 

We can't wait for it to get warm  :) 

And impromptu lunch at Subway. 

Note: the Mr. Rogers shirt! 

I love this kid ♥ 

I can't get enough of this view off our back desk.  I'm noticing how the light shines at different times of day and at high & low tides.  

Leftover strawberry rhubarb crisp! ♥♥♥

My favorite appliance ever! 

For Christmas my parents gave us this counter top oven for our kitchen.  
It is the joy of my life right now! Works so great and FAST!  

It works just like a regular oven.  

I've cooked muffins, cakes, meatloaf, chicken parm, and here I am cooking pizza! 


I also made a pie this week ♥  

Just. Because. 

Do you guys remember this movie? It came out in the early 90's.  I remember loving it then and I watched it the other night in bed (when I couldn't sleep) and oh man - I still love it!  It's such a good movie and will make you feel good about mankind ♥  Also has an awesome soundtrack.  
Anything with Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett will certainly hook me! ♥ 

I was having an annoying day at work so I took myself out to lunch.  

Then I felt better ♥

My John is so into Pixar/Disney movies that he made this poster about it! I only wish he could turn it in as a school project!  

No such luck on that, but I love his creativity! ♥

And, we had a first this week.  He made me scrambled eggs! 

They were yummy!  

He also brought me coffee which I could definitely get used to!  

I guess there are positives to your baby growing up after all ♥ 

My Easter bunnies have started popping up around the house.  

More decorating this week, as Easter is only a week away!  

Happy weekend, my friends!  I hope you spend it making memories and doing something you love! 

Thank you for stopping by today! I'm always grateful that you do! ♥ 



  1. Hi Danielle! I was wondering if your new oven is a toaster oven or something different? I've been wanting to get something similiar (plus I have read that microwaves aren't good for us either). I am not familiar with that movie but am adding it to the list. Have a beautiful weekend friend!!

  2. this idea of yours on Friday's. Lovely pictures and lovely sentiments as always......What is that type of counter oven ?????? Looks great.....Happy Palm Sunday Danielle to you and your family........Blessings....dee

  3. I am catching up on blogs!!! Looks like you had a nice week. :) We are picking up Subway for dinner right now! LOVE your little bunny decorations. <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  4. How sweet of John to make you breakfast!
    Love his enthusiasm for Pixar!
    Happy Monday, friend. :)