Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fashion inspiration: 1950's edition ♥

I interrupt my regular scheduled programing for a bit of fashion inspiration. Mainly because...I need it.  Here's my situation.  If there is one thing I'm most self conscious about, it's my clothes. Which is crazy right, because out of all things to be self conscious about clothes are something I can control.  Something I can choose.  But the thing is, I hate clothes shopping. I really hate it.  Let me loose in a kitchen store and I'm happy as a bee.  But clothes? Help.  I hate trying things on and I always seem to make the wrong choices.  Which I don't realize until....after I've worn the outfit. Ugh. 

I'm ok in the cold weather months.  I can get away with a pair of black dress pants (trousers? do people say slacks anymore?) and a comfy sweater or cardigan.  I'm in heaven.  But come summertime, I'm doomed.  I don't enjoy wearing shorts, only if absolutely necessary. I mostly wear capris and sometimes dresses if I can find one that looks decent on me.  I guess I just don't like the styles these days.  Take me back to the 1950's and I would fit right in.  The problem is you don't see too many poodle skirts at Khols these days.  Such a shame :)

You have to understand that I was born in the 70's, grew up in the 80's, and spent many important fashion years (including my wedding!) in the 90's.  It's been tough.  Those were hard years.  At least for me. Hard, acid wash jean, permed hair in a banana clip, electric blue eyeliner, jelly bracelet years.  Past 1999, forget it.  I really don't know what's going on.  I've been in the dark since them.  Actually, I've been in my pajamas since them.  It's where I'm most comfy. 

I wish I could just go back in time. 
 I mean look at this.....

Everything is perfect, yet looks effortless.  The dresses, the pumps, the gloves! The matching purses and pearl earrings!  I need this in my life ♥

I'll take one of each! A look for every day of the week ♥

So cute, right?

And this! I'm swooning!
And look at the prices! Wow!

If I had one of these pretty dresses to pick from maybe I wouldn't be so fashion impaired. 
Oh well. I'll stick to my GAP neutrals, which I do love, but don't ask me to stray from that because that's when things go wrong.  I'll be trolling vintage/thrift shops this summer in hopes of finding my perfect outfit.  It's got to be out there somewhere! ♥ 
Thank you to Pinterset for all of these pictures.  Whenever I'm in need of inspiration of any kind, I find it there!!!  Next up, hairstyles of the 1950's.  My hair is a whole other emergency! LOL


  1. Oh how I love love love this!
    But you already know that, right?
    Let's do coffee and head over to the Gap! : )

  2. I can so relate to this! In summer, my only fashion goal is to NOT embarrass myself or my family. I used to do the capris/tshirt thing, but it can regularly be in the mid to upper 80's/90's here in the summer. The last two summers I have rocked the neutral colored Gap bermuda shorts (khaki/navy/green) with boat neck tshirts or long loose cotton or linen white blouses. I was born to blend in, not stand out! haha

  3. LOVE all of those dresses!! I’m with you on always wearing Capri’s....I would scare people in shorts! Lol. I have found I like the Summer dresses at Talbots & LLBean. Comfy and look nice.

  4. Oh that is great advice Carla, thank you! I will check out Talbots and LL Bean! ♥

  5. Yassss! I love it all! One of each, please!!