Saturday, February 2, 2019

Banana Fritters on a Saturday morning ♥

Hi Friends!  Happy February ♥
We've made it out of the post-holiday doldrums of January and are happily striding toward spring!  Yes, I do try to enjoy everyday of every season...but when it's minus a gazillion degrees with a wind chill that will freeze your nose off, it's kind of hard.  This past week there was a slight rise in temperature and believe it or not we are suppose to hit 50 degrees early next week.  I don't understand it, but I'll take it! ♥  
Despite the weather we had a good week. Everyone is getting excited for the Superbowl on Sunday.  There have been parades and rallies and send offs. And even at my work on Friday we had a spirit day!  It feels like the week before Christmas! : )
But even better than that - on Thursday we celebrated Rob's birthday!
We ordered pizzas and had a very relaxing night it. It was way too cold to go out, which suited us just fine.  He loved his cake and presents (especially the cake : )
We've been picking on it all week.  Currently there are two small slices left. 
They won't make it past tomorrow.  I guarantee it.

And now it's February! Which means....Valentine's Day!
My tree is up ♥

I was puttering around the kitchen this morning doing a little Valentine's Day decorating. 
Do you like my new banner?  I got it at Target in the dollar bin section for $3! 

The hearts are made of wood with little clothes pins behind them. 

So cute, right? 

 I hung up one of last years vintage valentines to start it off.

.  I love the old fashion ones the best.  


I just realized above the garland you can see a little bit of our wedding cake topper inside the china cabinet.  It's a Lenox bride and groom that was given to us a wedding gift.  It's very special and seems appropriate for Valentine's Day : )   

Little pink and red heart touches are scattered all around.  The room feels warmer now.   It's ok to be as romantic and corny as you want in February.  No one can tell you different ♥

I'm not done with my hearts yet, but I'm getting there.  I stopped for another cup of coffee and to check in with the news. Today is Groundhog Day and guess what?  Phil says we are in for an early Spring! Wooo-hooo! 
This is very promising! 

I need to dig out another string of white twinkle lights for the window but I was getting hungry.  John asked me to toast him a bagel but I had a better idea.... 

So last night while I was lying in bed I decided I was going to make banana fritters for breakfast. I got so hungry thinking about it I could hardly sleep. You really shouldn't think about food when you are trying to sleep ♥

Hot and crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.  Oh my YUM! 

The recipe comes straight from Susan Branch's Sweets to the Sweet.  

The cutest little dessert book you've ever seen ♥

It took no time at all for me to whip up the batter.  

It's amazing what flour, eggs, and milk can do! 

I cut bananas into large chunks. 

I was lucky to have three on hand that had seen better days so it was either this or banana bread  :)

I dipped each banana chunk into the batter...

...and fried until golden brown! (I wish you could hear the sounds....ahhhhh....)

Sprinkle with a flurry of powdered sugar and serve warm!   

I dusted ours with a few pinches of cinnamon which made them even more delicious and slightly sweeter! 

Susan  recommends a dollop of sour cream so naturally I tried it.  

She was right...again!  So good!


Here is a screen shot of her recipe in case you want to make them.  I highly recommend it! 
Also try the ice cream while you are at it : )    

Why go out for donuts when you can have hot fritters at home? 

I think I might be slightly addicted.

After breakfast, dishes, and more coffee, I decided it was the perfect time to write out some Valentines.  

Something I enjoy doing as much as writing Christmas cards.  I just love the old fashioned sentiment of it. 

Valentines days doesn't just have to be about sweethearts. I like to show my appreciation to my girl friends & family and anyone that holds a special place in my heart. 

YES and Rob too, of course <3 

But wait....  Some Like it Hot is on!!  

Stop. Everything. 

I hit the couch and put the world on hold for a bit.  

This movie is a classic and certainly one of my favorites.  It's so funny!!!  

Marilyn is simply charming and beautiful  (her wardrobe is amazing! The dresses...omg!)

 but it's Jack Lemon as "Daphne" that steals every scene.  I have to watch it to the end! 


 Once it ended I went back to my Valentine writing.  I'll be bundling up soon to head out to the grocery store (need dinner and SALAD)  but maybe just one more cup of coffee first.  It's still early!
Have a great day, friends!! I'm off to check to see what other movies are on today.   Will I ever get to the grocery story????  It's debatable at this point ♥
Happy Weekend!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and catching up with you! I, too, love old-fashioned Valentines! I actually have the one you sent me last year hanging up again in my kitchen It's so pretty! Love how your banana fritters turned out. I have that same book, but never tried that recipe. Happy month of February! We're getting closer and closer to spring! 💗💗💗

  2. What a fun post. That birthday cake looks amazing. I love that valentine banner! So cute! I have never heard of or even had banana fritters!! Bet I would enjoy them. ;)