Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hello Summer! ♥

Hello Everyone! Summer is officially in full swing over here, well at least for John.  Friday was last day of sixth grade! EEK!  How this happened I do not know! Time has gone by in a blink of an eye and all of a sudden I’m the mom of a 7th grader! Whaaaaat? 

A very kind mom of one of John’s friends invited all the boys in the class over on the last day for a “goodbye middle school/hello Jr high” pool party.  To celebrate getting a new uniform next year (they’ve been in this one since first grade!) they all jumped into the pool with their uniforms on, which as you can see – they really enjoyed! : )   

All the girls in the class were invited to another pool to do the same thing! 

After the jump, they changed into their bathing suits and had a great time swimming, playing football, eating hot dogs, and kicking off the summer!  I feel very blessed that John goes to school with such nice boys!
They really are a great group of kids!  

 Summer 2019 has begun! 

Day 1: It was a beautiful day so John and I took a ride down to the beach to get a little breath of sea air.  It’s still too cold to swim in (for most of us : )  but just being near the water and smelling the salt air makes it feel like summer.  Later that night when Rob got home we went back to get some dinner.   

Toes in the sand + fish for dinner = summertime!

That plus a dentist appointment (which he was less thrilled about....lol) and I think we got off to a nice start.  I've been lucky enough to switch to my summer work schedule which has me home one day a week and working fewer hours during the day, is a relief. I'm wishing for a very slow paced, old fashioned summer like the ones I used to have.  Not too much going on, but just enough to make it fun.  

I had that thought in mind when I finalized my summer bucket list.  I find that if I take the time to write things down, they actually get done!  I love seasonal bucket lists because they remind me to capture little moments or details that I sometimes would forget about.  My list in not necessarily big things, but simple memories I want to make or little things I want to do.  So many times I’ve looked back on a time and thought “I wish I had done this or that”.  Now if the opportunity strikes to have a root beer float or go see fireworks, I’m gonna do it!  Don't we all love the satisfaction of checking something off a list!

We only get one summer 2019, let’s make it a good one 

Here’s a sample of some of things on my summer bucket list:

Paint rocks for the yard
Have a picnic
Make smores around a fire
Make root beer floats
Have friends over for a game night
Try a new ice cream place
Binge Downton Abbey in preparation for the movie in September
See fireworks
Work on my watercolors (make something I can be proud of : )
Press flowers
Go to a museum or historical site
Sit outside at night and watch the stars
Go to the beach
Try a new hairstylist (nothing to do with summer but long overdue:)
Have a lobster dinner
Go to a farmers market
Go swimming
Try a new pie recipe  ♥

So tell me, what's on your summer bucket list? I would love to know!  

Enjoy your day, friends!  Happy Summer! 

Meet you at the beach! XO